Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Most Underused Item in My House is..

My Scrapbook supplies.
I haven't actually made a scrapbook page since I was pregnant with William. I haven't made a scrapbook page since I moved here in this house. We moved in the first few days of August 2009. Why don't I scrapbook anymore? It would be annoying to try and keep William's hands away from it and or scissors. I don't have anyone (but Skylar) to scrapbook with. I feel like my scrapbooking needs help in the form of a Cricut. I just can't do all the jazzy neat techniques because everyone has had their baby bug, then got the big bug... and I am still without a Cricut. I barely have any tools. I am even a rep for Close to My Heart and haven't sold an item in YEARS AND YEARS... like almost 5 years. The only time I venture into these shelves is when I need paper, stickers, or glue dots for another project. My cutter and glue dots are no longer even located in the Scrapbook area... Because I use them more for school crafting. I made my God Son a memory box awhile back at least a year ago if not longer.
Skylar and I made this project for school. I let her use scrapbook paper, glitter, and stickers lol
Its a Christmas tree book report on a Soldier's Night Before Christmas by Christine Ford.
Each ornament tells important details of the story :)
I want to get out of my scrapbooking funk...

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Debbie said...

Ohhhh the fun I'd have in that closet LOL!!

I think mine would be the bikes hanging from the garage ceiling.

I am inviting everyone with an on going blog hop to link up on my site, all the hops linked up will later have a permanent home on my Featured Blog Hop page.

Autism Mom said...

Understand about the scrapbooking supplies. I do have a Cricut and as much as I love it I never have enough cartridges to do the things I want! LOL - never happy!! :D
Nice post.