Thursday, January 19, 2012

The last time I laughed so hard, I cried...

Was either when....
    Well Skylar's been hilarious lately. I am not sure her stories here are appropriate. One day on the way to girl scouts she had said something and sometimes she struggles with speech but thankfully its rare. So when she said something to me I thought she was simply mispronouncing something or being silly. Come to find out I was pronouncing a word and she thought I was saying a curse word haha!

We were going past Jimmy's (a strip club) and Rick had commented that they were building a Super Walmart around Jimmy's. So Skylar asks what do they do at Jimmy's? I said they have lady dancers at Jimmy's but not ballet type dancing. I said its for adults only. She said is it like pole dancing? I LMAO... then I turned into the good serious mom and I said Skylar what is pole dancing? She said where you dance with a pole? I said yeah probably where did you hear about it. She said Destiny (her friend from the bus stop) 

Then the last thing that it literally took awhile for me to calm down. I was getting out of my car.and I saw my Siamese cat outside and her name is Cocoa. I saw aww your like a warm cup of  Ca Ca (I meant Cocoa) you warm my heart. I had to beat down the door (it was locked) and hurry into the bathroom because I laughed so hard at myself. I don't know why but I couldn't stop cracking up. Then Skylar was asking what was so funny and every time I tried to tell her the tears welled up again and I started crying and laughing... and laughing. I know its probably not near as hilarious as I thought at the time :)

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nichole quigley said...

haha that's say such funny things don't they? I remember when my youngest was just REALLY starting to talk and he was in the back seat and said 'MOM I choked on a duck!" and me and my 4 year old looked at eachother and just cracked up! We have no clue what he meant, & we were laughing too hard to find out!