Wednesday, January 11, 2012

If my parents ever found out..

I am sure my guardian's thought I was a lot worse than I actually was or I thought I was. I know one of them continuously compared me to my friends the good and the bad ones. A few times they forbade me to see a few of them. We had little spots in the woods we would meet up or meet at a mutual friends house. There was one spot across Panhandle Rd where there were logs in a circle of an old fire pit. Of course we rarely had the ability to build fires and the older kids around probably put the logs there I don't know. They started developing the land around that area to build neighborhoods so then we would go exploring in the new construction of the new houses, or we would meet somewhere down Panhandle Road at points in the woods before and after Panhandle Park. There was also a place off of Tara Blvd we would walk up to my church Trinity and the walk through an area of grass and tree's in the next lot where there was beautiful old house that had was in ruins... maybe a gas line blew or something but I can't imagine how many ways you can destroy a big brick house that way. It was my friend Alicia with me most of the time or my friend Joey. We would hang out or whatever the worst we would do was smoke cigarettes. I don't think I was in a lot of trouble I just think I was going through normal teenage stuff. About 15 years later I guess it doesn't matter what my guardian finds out (her husband passed away years ago) she already has her thoughts about me so nothing about that is going to change even if it is made worse.
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