Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I wasn't suppose to see...

I was just writing this post and my 2 year old was hijacking my computer while I was on the phone with my husband and so I clicked save and before I know it he closed my browser (my 2 year old!) I came back and it wasn't in my drafts anymore- stinker!

These Blog Dare's are supposed to help with the writers block but sometimes they stump me. Like I was asked the question the other day, "What is the funniest thing that has ever happened to you?" I honestly couldn't answer it.

Sometimes I get these prompts and I think to myself. I don't have an answer long enough to put you through the torture of checking my blog, or I don't know if you want to read that, or my answer is boring, or DO I want you to read that. I mean my husband's family, my ex's family (could), my family (probably not), my step sons and even my 9 year old could read this on my blog. Do I really want to go through the whole explanation process.

So with a topic like I wasn't supposed to see...
I could say Santa kissing Mommy
I could say presents that I was supposed to see.
Or the thing that Moms and Dads typically do around the Christmas Season (you figure out what I mean)
I could see my Guardian's private parts when I was supposed to or their son. I think I walked into the bathroom when the door wasn't locked and they were in there. Not my fault at all! LOL
I also walked in on my Guardian's 80-90 year old Mother who was screaming for help because she couldn't latch her bra. I probably should have seen her bare breasts I probably will never cleanse my eyes of that ever. 
I probably wasn't supposed to see a down zipper like not to long ago at a Birthday party.
I never walked in my Guardian's doing the deed because I don't think they ever did. Seriously they slept in separate rooms down the hall from each other. She always told me because he snored (which he did BADLY.) I doubt that was the only reason. But who wants me to air out other people's dirty laundry here on my blog? Gossip is always juicy but it doesn't always have to be the one thing that makes things interesting.  I would prefer not to see my step kids without a shirt on or in their skivvies. I would prefer my daughter didn't either. Male skivvies always have that fly... its so annoying.
There are a lot of things in my life I wasn't supposed to see and I doubt I am supposed to say a lot of them here.
What are some things you weren't supposed to see?

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