Monday, January 23, 2012

Dream Land

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The most vivid dream...
{Remember, this is how the whole Twilight thing started!}

my dreams I've remembered a good bit of them since I was very young. They started at like Dumbo falling in an earthquake crater and a huge yellow snapping turtle in the "bottoms" of my grandfather's farm... up to adult hood my dreams have been unique and colorful to say the least. At lot of unrealistic and strange aspects to my dreams. Of course I have my share of nightmares a few years ago I repeatedly dreamed of a killer chasing me through aspects like (down the beach, through the woods, through water) it was always something that seemed to keep me slowed down. When I was pregnant with Skylar I dreamed I had her by c-section and she was a lab puppy. Thank You anti depressants while I was pregnant lol.

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Debbie said...

Oh my ... lab puppy lol now that's a story to tell your little one later.

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