Sunday, January 8, 2012

Calling all Coca-A-Holics

I am from Atlanta Georgia. Well it was where I was raised. In the suburbs actually.... somewhere between the Atlanta airport and the Atlanta Motor Speedway you will find the house I grew up in, the school I graduated from and the place where I had my first date. If your from Atlanta or know a lot about Coca Cola you know it has a rich history in Atlanta or at least in Georgia. Down in Georgia when you order a soda... you don't ask for a soda, or a pop, or anything but a Coke... doesn't matter what brand. As a matter of fact if your in a restaurant which has Pepsi products (poor mislead people!) they will ask you if Pepsi is okay :).
Growing up I wasn't allowed to have much soda. Then when I was 18 I would drink a 2- liter in a day. Soon I turned to cans, because I am picky about how soda tastes. Rick thinks I need to be a coke tester because I can tell if there is a slight variance in it. Which is probably why I can't stand Pepsi. I have even drank Sam's Choice brand before Pepsi back when times were hard and it was the cheapest thing. Now I just stick with Coca Cola through out the day all day and I rarely have anything else. I slowed down for pregnancy (Skylar's I had to quit all together because of kidney problems). I know its bad and I am very addicted. I am more addicted to Coca Cola than I ever was to smoking. I gave up cigarettes 3 years ago cold turkey. I have tried to cut back and my body can even tell the differences in non name brand soda's like Sam's choice. It doesn't have the same amount of caffeine in it or something because I get headaches. I get bad headaches and feel totally drained and become a yawning mess if I ever run out of Coca Cola. Its been problematic this Winter due to Coca Cola's new campaign to save Polar Bears... before I get hate mail just know that I love Polar Bears and I am devastated by their future. I only wish we could save their environment and save them from extinction. However the pesky white cans have a different lemony flavor for me. I know a lot of people who drink Diet Coke put lemon in it to sweeten it. That's what this tastes like for me... Just a slight difference in taste. I have heard Coke pulling them off the shelves but that is all I can find right now is the white polar bear cans. So I am stuck with no Coke at all because that slight variant in taste gets me. I'd rather drink water and limit the amount of bottles (or we'd be broke) of Coca Cola I can have in a day. So I guess I am trying to drink more tap or bottled water to offset the cost. Also when we eat out often times the balance they use is off some how or it doesn't taste right... so I drink water when we eat out. (makes eating out cheaper!) Unless they have bottled Coca Cola like Subway.

I drink Coca Cola like most people drink Coffee. Coca Cola is one of my only addictions I just can't curb yet. I drink Coca Cola everyday all day even though I know the damage its doing to my kidneys, to my teeth and to my waist line. I love Coke though. I love the company and my precious can of Coca Cola Classic lol.
Happy Birthday to Elvis who would have been 77 today! I love Elvis! My Favorite Elvis song at the LINK
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