Saturday, January 21, 2012

Books that make an impact

You know I was raised in a church. When I was living with my mom she would load my sisters and I up on a bus and we would go to Pinecrest Baptist Church in Morrow, GA. When I lived with my Guardian I went to church every Sunday that I can remember to Trinity United Church of Christ/ Trinity Community Church. I even went during the week to choir, to youth group, to do the Newsletter, to volunteer. I was at church a lot. But on my journey of learning my faith I've had to learn on my own. I have had to follow my own road. My relationship with my spiritual faith is a very personal, deep, faith. Its unlike any of yours.
So how did the Bible and Gianna impact my life? Well obviously when you attend church you learn about stories in the bible, the history, the future, what God wants for us... etc. That's the easy part to explain. Gianna if your a reader you know I've mentioned that book at least two times. Gianna impacted my life because she is a deeply spiritual woman who didn't let life's challenges or her "deck of cards" change her. I have learned about my own faith through this strong woman. Its been awhile since I read the book but to paraphrase she is asked how do you deal with your issues? She said I give it to God. I wasn't sure what she meant when I read the book. Through my own challenges of life I had to learn it myself. I have posted about my journey in Jesus Take The Wheel

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I read this book shortly after I married Rick. The stories in the book put things in a perspective for me that helped me through my deployment. I had to remember what it would have been like for wives of both the World Wars. How extremely HARD it was for Vietnam and Korean wives because their husbands were fighting in unfavorable wars. Unfavorable like Iraq but the Soldiers and Wives didn't get near the lack of support as the Vietnam Wives and Military Men got. I wasn't a whiny mess during deployment. My world didn't fall apart. I raised two kids on my own with little help from my husband. Sure it was nice to be able to speak to him and get money and its different than being a single mom trust me I've been there to but its
 un-explainable and it differs from couple to couple. Was it the book that helped me? I am not sure but it did give me perspective and showed me even a Military Wife was special.

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Mrs RKFJ said...

I like the idea of "giving it to God." Now If I can just let go... Powerful and moving post.