Monday, January 9, 2012


Every year I think I try to do the Photo Project 365 and every year there is a brief time I am just not feeling it or loose my camera. Some of my days are boring to most of ya'll & are spent at home so this year I am NOT going to do the photo project however I will try to take a picture every day. So the best way to make a New Years Resolution is to not make one. Lets give this a try. Here are my photo's from last week
Peanut vs Cars

Skylar Thursday January 5th at Gymnastics

Today at the doctors office

My geeky side.. high on my Christmas Wish list was this inexpensive thumb drive I wanted for my car. Yes its R2-D2 and yes I even spoil my car (last year she got cleaning products!)
William is probably the world youngest techie. Yes that's him on his Innotab, He also has a Itouch, a DS, a DSi, and use of his dad's laptop and his sisters Leap pad! 
William's best friend James on Saturday at James' 3rd birthday party!

Skylar after church on Sunday in her new dress I finally got off layaway she had been wanting it since Easter. Boy it is loud though! The skirt is like tissue paper!

Totally out of focus are some of my pictures thank you Otterbox or Iphone 3... Piece of crappola lol

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