Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tuesdays Blog Prompts and more

Blog prompts for Tuesday

Blog prompts from Paper Coterie http://www.papercoterie.com. Get a $38.00 credit by using the code BeAThankful
Tuesday's prompt is

Here's a fun creative challenge. Photograph your friends' and family's favorite landmarks in your neighborhood. The spot where you met your best friend. Your first kiss. Your favorite cafés and restaurants and what you like to order. The place where you spend most of your time. If you're like us. . . it's in your car. 

You can capture and share these photos, captions, and thoughts with loved ones and friends when you're finished.
Conversation Starters and Blog Prompts

Try this link http://www.creativity-portal.com/prompts/imagination.prompt.html
What was my favorite vacation or trip ever -- list 10 reasons why
10 types of food or dishes I've never eaten that I'd like to try
Do you like progress?
What sets you apart from the crowd?
List 10 things you want to accomplish before it's too late.
Blog Meme's, Hops and Carnivals

No host for this one i just do it because I like writing about my cats lol, I am not fond of the graphic either I might have to make a new one or have one made.

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