Thursday, December 22, 2011

I love my tree's!

I was talking in a mommy loop about my Christmas Tree's so I thought I would show ya'll too.
I don't have all of them up this year *pout* but I have some pictures.
I own 8 Christmas Tree's right now

.. I have my "family tree" Its only two years old its the one that's up now. It goes in the living room and has the presents

Then Skylar got a new one for her room that's green she wanted to get rid of her Princess tree since she is too old for that. She is decorating it in a snow theme.
I have Charlie Brown tree which is on my kitchen table.

Tree plays the Peanuts theme and it came from Amazon complete with Red Ornament. The Snoopy, Woodstock, C.B. And Dog House (with decor) came from Build a Bear. The tree skirt I bought for a Soldier overseas but I forgot it oops!
The year before last (I was sick with Pneumonia last year) I had a smaller 4.5? Tree in my small loft. My home was built with two of these ridiculous lofts I am not sure what they are for but they are like department store windows lol. So I stick tree's in them at Christmas time. They are about 10-12 feet up in the air and I have to climb a ladder. One is big enough for me to stand on (with the tree), the other isn't.
So on the small loft I have the tree Rick came with lol. He had this tree when we met its a puny tree 
I decorate it with patriotic decorations. I am going to have to work on an awesome Yellow Ribbon Topper for it. We have a fireplace background we can put up there and special stockings to hang on the Fireplace. Two ACU and Two are Red White and Blue :)
Picture from 2009

Then I have my Daddy's tree I am SOOO attached to I literally fought my ex for it. I have been decorating this tree since I was 12? Maybe. I put it in the big loft because its huge like 7 feet tall and FAT. Its lost two of its limbs in the past oh... 20+ years of its life lol Past couple of years its had a Santa theme to it. I want to try a different theme next year.

Also from 2009, This is right above my front door.
I now have knickknacks in the book shelves and pretty books etc. During the year we have a chair, chess table, huge pictures up there it looks like a Soldiers Den with all the soldier stuff (including an old Vietnam uniform) hanging. Like I said its like a department store window I had no idea what to do with it lol. You can see the tree out the front window. With me having Pneumonia last year I just couldn't get up there and put this tree together branch by branch so I had Rick go to Wal-mart hoping he would come back with a decent tree (I was thinking something different like white) he grabbed me basically a 4 foot silver tree made of Garland. So that was up there last year undecorated. We can't really have Garland type stuff with the amount of cats we have they will eat it and it can literally shred their intestines. Finally we have a 1 foot adorable decorated, pre-lit tree I have had for years because when Skylar was around William's age I couldn't afford a tree and someone from a Mommy message board sent it to me.. I literally put it on my coffee table and went and was able to get her two presents from the Salvation army and that is all we had. So that one is parked on Rick's desk at work. That tree also started the tradition of sending a tree every year to a Service member that is deployed or in Korea. 

So I have my 1) 6.5 foot Green that is decorated with a smorgasbord of Ornaments its in the living room and its the one that holds the presents. 2) I have my 7 foot green that is my "Daddys tree" and it goes in the Large Loft usually. It will have a theme every year. 3) I have my 4.5 foot green that is Rick's tree I used to call it the Charlie brown tree because its pitiful lol. It goes in the small loft and has a patriotic theme every year. 4) My real Charlie brown tree I got real cheap on Black Friday or Cyber Monday this year . 5) Skylar's got her 2 foot Green tree 6) Skylar's old Pink Princess tree I would like to sell its small like her green one. 7) A Silver one which I am not even sure where that is.... Maybe I was so sick last year I DREAMED it lol. 8) My 1 foot decorated table top tree.
I will be on the look out to get William a 2 foot tree also for his room and a big 5 foot or so white tree or a flocked tree. I don't know where I would put it but I want one or the other lol. Maybe for our window downstairs where my desk currently is. I will have to see if I can find a nice one on sale after Christmas. Next year we are planning on going to a cabin for Christmas Day and Christmas Eve.. We are going to rent a cabin in the middle of no where. Have a real Christmas tree, a fire place burning (we don't have one), no un authorized electronics and just live it up in the most basic traditional Christmas

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