Monday, December 12, 2011

Adult Bullying

So We're All Sensitive Military Wives Huh?<~~ Read this post then come back here for a vent...
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I agree with this post 110%. With everything that is out there right now about bullying. I think this type of activity and the same type of activity on or their sister site is breeding bullying. The people that think this is "cute" could possibly condone their own children bullying others. To them it may not be bullying when their child snatches another toy from a kid at the playground or on a play date. Not teaching your child to share or manners is condoning bullying. So yes these three sites are in my opinion Cyber Stalking and Bullying. I just LOVE that NOT! I think all three of these website/blogs are demeaning. I personally don't have an expensive DSLR camera I have a tiny pitiful point and shoot. So I am not trying to impersonate a photographer. Well I guess because this new photographer only charged me $25 that means she is a phoney photographer that she doesn't have talent. So wait?? If you don't charge a buttload of money then you must not be the next Anne Geddes, Kim Anderson, Ansel Adams? EXCUSE ME! I think there is enough bullies in our world without certain people to be tearing other people down. I think adults who act like this are the ones who raise bullies themselves.
If I do get a DSLR from Santa this year I will not be a professional or even semi professional photographer that's NOT what I am trying to do. Btw that webpage makes fun of Military wives who choose to try and make a living off of photography when let me tell you what its hard enough for Military Wives to keep a career when we are supporting our man. So they can CHILL out. I think by getting a DSLR and offering inexpensive services they may not be a professional but maybe someone DOES like their work and is willing to pay for it. Maybe they can improve and become a talented photographer. Why tear that down because I can't afford to go pay a $200 sitting fee? If there is a military wife (or civilian lady) out there with a DSLR and a fan page, photography blog that wants to aspire to become Anne Geddes why must people tear her dreams down? Its a free country. She may not have taken Photography classes but I've been told by high priced photographers that you don't have to they would rather you not waste your money on expensive classes there is too much free information out there in books and on youtube on how to correctly use your Camera and software even for Point and Shoots. You may have your fancy DSLR camera and want to grow and learn. So your like how a Private is in the US Army he isn't ready to lead, fire a gun, or save a life yet and your not ready to shoot pictures for the White House but could you one day be a General or a Highly Paid Photographer for New York Times YES you can! Whether your doing it on your own or you work at Sears. You GO girl!
Now for the Overly Sensitive Military Wife. I was called that pretty much on that second webpage link up there. I have a ACU hand bag (actually two!) I wear Army Sweatshirts, T-shirts and even a sweat suit. I wear my husbands PT shirt to bed (NOT outside) and I don't wear his uniform. Oh yeah and my car shows my pride too so that makes me overly sensitive. I think the people who contribute to Overly Sensitive Military Wives Facebook page, You are not a Photographer, You are not a graphic designer need to mind their own damn business.
In the past few months I have had my work basically made out to be trash when the people who were trashing my work (I do graphic design) I have been doing it longer than most of them have been out of high school. I deleted my professional page just because I can offer my services, I have a blog, word of mouth can get me business but all be damned if I catch my work on YOU ARE NOT A GRAPHIC DESIGNER to be bullied by immature idiotic adults.
My definition of an Overly Sensitive Military Wife is the one's who whine their husband is in the field, has duty, is on their millionth deployment. Its all PART of their job. An Overly Sensitive Military Wife whines the military comes before them. Yes its a sacrifice and it sucks. My husband did it for 24 years and my son did it for 4 more years. I am sorry your husband (husband of an Overly Sensitive Military Wife) missed your birthday and didn't get to call you when you had a bad day but so and so's husband didn't come home from Iraq or Afghanistan at all. There are over 3,000 of those! I am sorry that you had a Migraine yesterday but so and so had to have her entire pregnancy without her husband and give birth on her own. THAT my dear is an overly sensitive military wife!

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Brenda Youngerman said...

My daughter is in Germany and says it is like being back in high school with the other wives. I feel so bad for you guys... I don't know understand why women have to be so petty!