Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Time for a change?

So my regular blogs are at and

I am considering a blog makeover. I made my blog set a few years ago since then my husband retired from the Army (last year) and my Step son is almost into his retirement (its official Dec)... So should I still keep the Army theme? Army name? I mean the Army never leaves us we will always be a part of the military. But what do you think?

Anyone familiar with Open Diary?

For a new blog name here are words I've played around with
Words to play around with

Georgia Girl
Birth Mom
Second Life
Bring Me Back to Life (Evanesnce song)
Drama and Trauma (my nick names for the younger two kids)
Crazy Life
Terms like Tribe, Crew... terms used to describe a large family
Blended Family or Terms to describe a blended family
dysfunctional family
dysfunctional veterans wife/ mom
Something to do with 5 kids.
Adult Children, Toddler and a Princess

Rick likes Misadventures of Bella's Second Life?
Or In's & Outs of Bella's Second Life.

What do you think? What can you come up with

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Melia said...

I think your new title Misadventures of Bella's second Life is PERFECT