Monday, November 21, 2011

Pray for Me Monday


  I had such a wonderful time with my husband last night the anxiety we get from leaving our children with sitters seemed to not be on the front burner. Skylar went to the Botanical Garden -Gardens of Lights walk with her friend Kara. Skylar really doesn't need a sitter she is pretty good about taking care of herself. I think its more for supervision and a peace of mind. She's very smart and aware of the dangers of the world as much as she is supposed to be at 9. William went to his friend James house for an extended play date and had a great time. Knowing I have a variety of people to depend on in a crunch that I can "trust" is a great feeling. I pray that my husband and I continue to work on reconnecting like we did last night. Yes we try to steal a an hour away once the kids go to bed every once in awhile but hanging out at a Pub just isn't the same for me. Its hard to talk and reconnect when someone is screaming ROLL TIDE! maybe it will get better outside of foot ball season in the Spring/Summer. Huntsville is full of college football fans here.

I ask for prayer because somewhere Rick used his debit card someone cloned it and stole $500 from our checking account. Regions says we have to try and dispute it with the company first then they might file some type of fraud claim dispute. We might get our money back. This time of year that's a lot of money to just loose. As much as we are trying to learn from our Financial Freedom Class honestly the only thing saving us and giving us a turkey on our table this Thursday is a credit card I asked Rick to apply for late last week. It hasn't ruined my holiday spirit however... plans just have to change/be delayed/ and priorities in order. We went on our date because luckily I had gotten the tickets in October and James had paid his rent for this pay period so that helped pay for the sitter. I also had made reservations weeks ago for Breakfast with Santa at Parkway Place. Chick-Fil-A is a super company that was nice enough to host this event and even give all the children free kids meals. We just had to forego Santa pictures until I can afford William's Christmas outfit and the actual pictures. So pray for us that all the finances come together. Pray for our bank of their nasty business practices, and pray for the thieves who stole from us. This is the time of year people get greedy and desperate instead of really getting into the spirit of giving they become Scrooge. (I think they missed the moral of the story.) Our local news is filled with burglaries have gone up so high in neighborhoods you wouldn't expect, even someone robbed the local Apple store... what did he/she think everyone in his family DESERVED an IPOD and IPAD? I pray for these people who think they are entitled to other people's hard earned possessions. I believe we got the good news of that Credit card and the little bit of money we had in our savings account had not been taking out in over draft because God provides. When you pay it forward he will always give you the gift of giving in mysterious ways.

Three  prayers for others...
Tim Defoor his is a married father of two from Georgia that was involved in a major car accident and the doctors are doing all they can but its really up to Tim and God's healing hands to take him out of this danger period.
Ty Campbell a courageous little boy who has beaten cancer when they were told it couldn't be done. He has done it and its in remission for now
and the third prayer is for 3 little boys in my family.

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trooppetrie said...

that sucks that Regions is not being more helpful