Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Misadventures of Bella's Second Life.

Why the new name for my blog? What does The Misadventures of Bella's Second Life mean?
A new name for my blog because we are no longer an active duty Army Family. Rick has been retired for over a year now and Alex retires officially in December. What does Bella's Second Life mean?
When I talk about those old people no longer in my life (well at least some of them), when I talk about that old life it feels like I am talking about someone else. I have had a funeral for the old me. I am proud of what I am now, where I've come. There are certainly some people I will reach out to as part of my New Years Resolution I will like to find, write (snail mail please!) and let them know what's going on with me. Because I know they will appreciate what I've done. I've stumbled getting here. I've made mistakes. Sadly Mackenzie might have paid the highest price. But I live a new life and certain people in my life have chosen not to follow me into the new light. I had my reasons for leaving Georgia for leaving my old life nearly 5 years ago. Rick and I celebrate our 6th anniversary of our friendship next month. WOW! People compliment us and say you can see something special in us. They say I have never been happier and they are right not in my adult life. So this is my "Misadventures" meaning I will still stumble but I have my faith and my dysfunctional families support to pick me up. My second life meaning rebirth of who I am and who I want to be. So if you knew me then in my first life can you erase all of the stumbles, all of the errors, all of the mistakes I made all of what I had done  and just celebrate in the rebirth with me. Danielle T. says you've come so far at least every other time we talk. These little words mean SO much to me because I am proud of where I am. Now if you read my blog you know that I question whether or not I belong here. I question whether or not I can handle all on my plate. But I have faith and I have a guide. A lot of you don't know but years ago I gave my life to Jesus in a different way and I let him take the wheel and I promised to make changes and I have kept my promises and I know he will keep his too. So if you knew the old me don't judge me by my mistakes because I don't live there anymore. Everyone deserves anew! 
If you've turned your back on me don't forget I am not the only one paying for it you also turned your back on my kids and what could have been's... 

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