Saturday, October 8, 2011

Yard Sale Day

Today was Yard Sale day so I spent my morning at the yard sale. I tried to make a post while sitting around but the wind was so strong it kept blowing my clothing racks over. I made $50 though! 
We came home enough to change a diaper and let William nap and then I checked the mail before pulling out of the drive way... Its a good thing I did the mall sent me a letter saying someone turned in my wallet! I was heading to post to get my step son from work but I had to have an ID to get on post which was AT THE MALL. The letter said it was only open Monday - Friday. So driving in the car (ok I was a passenger) I canceled credit/debit cards. I picked up my step son outside the gate then I met the girl with the American Doll at a Kroger and I am so elated about the doll! Hehehe. We went back to the mall to see if the security guard could get it for me. I found a cop and asked him and he got a security guard to get my wallet. So nice!!
We played outside with the kids awhile. My wonderful husband made Cracker Barrel Meat loaf yum!

I saw this quote on Facebook and thought it was cute so I stole it and changed the wording!
Was planning to take over the world, then a soldier in a Navy Hat showed up and distracted me! Oh well there's always tomorrow I guess I need to have a tag made.

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