Monday, October 24, 2011

Pray for Me Monday

This is a blog meme co-hosted by my friend Pam. Pam is one of my favorite Army Wives. One of the most devoted moms and home schoolers I know.  I met her here at Redstone and her lovely family. Her husband and my husband had similar jobs. Anyways ;)

The phrase "Pray for Me" I have struggled with lately and I kind of cringe when I hear it or read it. I haven't lost my faith or anything like that but I do feel it has been abused lately. You ask how can prayer be abused? Its abused when you really don't have faith in the first place and you use it to get attention. Its abused when you ask someone to pray for you, in return they do, when it seems that your prayer is answered yet your still unhappy with the outcome so you ask them to keep praying for you. In my opinion God doesn't work that way. You can pray to win the lottery... A) You may win a million dollars or a 1000 dollars be happy with what you get and don't expect MORE out of our heavenly Father B) You may not win at all... that's God's will suck it up buttercup and deal with it! C) the person that prayed for you to win the lottery may have been the actual winner. Its okay to feel some jealousy I think its human nature. But the 10 commandments say don't be jealous. You should be happy for them! D) You really aren't doing anything to help yourself. You don't have faith and you just want things handed to you.  So don't ask me to pray for you if you don't like the outcome, your jealous of the outcome, or you expect God to answer every prayer and you expect him to answer the way you want him to!

I am a strong believer in the power of prayer. I am a strong believer in God's Will. I don't think we should be able to see all there is too see or his reasons why. That isn't for us to understand or deal with. No more than it for our children to understand our stress trying to provide for them and our heart ache when we can't do something we want for them. That's giving it to God. Speaking of Giving it to God. I am a strong believer in that too because I know it works. I fail him sometimes I am ashamed to say but I know you can do this. I wouldn't be alive today without that!

This weeks prayer request: Please pray I can truly understand the words Love IS Patient and Love IS Kind. Please pray that William will eventually allow me to enjoy worship because he will love being in his classroom without us! Please pray my marriage therapy is productive I really need it to be. Pray I have a little more patience in dealing with Rick and the kids. Please pray God gives me what I ask for in the Serenity Prayer. Please pray that God gives me the wisdom to say what I need to say to certain people in my life. Please pray for my health and my own personal struggles.

Praise Report : Skylar is doing very well in school. She came home crying because she has been missing her Inclusion teacher. I emailed her Inclusion teacher to find out why she wasn't seeing her. She emailed me back and said Skylar's getting A's! She doesn't need the extra help. She is scoring right along with her age group and she is the model student. She see's her in the regular classroom but doesn't want to interrupt instruction to remove Skylar from the class. She also wants Skylar to know she is there if she needs her but she isn't a crutch! I love this news! I am thankful Rick loves his job and I admit I love it too! LOL

Prayer List
1) Pray for A.G.
2) Pray for A.S. 
3) Pray for my friend A.K. that she has a safe delivery on Monday. Pray also that her newborn is perfect and healthy.
4.) Pray for Alex to have safe travels and a straight head on his shoulders
5.) Pray for J.S.
6.) Pray for our troops overseas and here. Pray for the troop withdraw to go smoothly
7.) Pray for our government and church leaders as well
8.) Pray for J.P. He has CO Poisoning.
9.) Prayers for Pam Petrie and her family
10.) Prayers for Dawn Meehan and her family
11.) Prayers for mom, my sisters, My nieces, and nephews.
12.) Prayers for D.T.'s Family
13. Prayers for baby Lisa and the other missing children right now.
14.) Pray for M.L. and her family
15.) Pray for my friends and my online friends


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