Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Photography Friends

I just wanted to remind all my photographer friends... Give back, Get experience and do something wonderful for someone special. Oplove(dot)org is a special organization that offers free Photo Services for Military Families : Pre Deployment, During Deployment, or Redeployment photographs. NowIlaymedowntosleep(dot)org is a very special organization for very special photographers. These photographers offer free services for those who have last and lasting moments with their child. I ask you that you are given this gift of being able to capture beautiful photographs give back by joining as a photographer of one of these organizations. You may not live near a Military post but there are plenty of National Guard families right around your city you just may not know it! A lot of parents experience the loss of their child and not have beautiful lasting images of their baby. Trust me when I say its the one thing left they can hold on to!

I am not a photographer (I probably suck with my point and shoot!) so I am not involved in these organizations at all but I do support them with prayer and donations when I can. I have met some special people in front of the lens and behind the lens of these wonderful organizations


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