Monday, August 29, 2011

Deedle Deedle

For the first two years of Williams life we have had him sleeping in a crib in our room. Since right before his second birthday I decided to convert the crib and move it into his own room. Before we converted the crib we would put him in the crib and he would settle down and go to sleep. Since the conversion there has been more of a bedtime challenge. For the last month we or just one of us sits in his room or right outside the door. It's usually a lot of getting up to play, going into our room, or Skylar's or playing with his train table.
Tonight I went to the store to return the rented movies while Rick gave William a bath. I came in and William saw me. So I decided to help Rick get William down. Tonight didn't start no differently than another. We sat against the empty twin in Williams room (Alex's bed) for awhile. Then we left the room to "throw away the dirty diaper." While in my own room I caught William sneaking out of his a few times. Doing the Jo Frost method, I tuck him back in bed without a word. Like the fourth time he snuck out he came into our room with his head tucked between his shoulders, looked at us with grin and his big brown eyes. He had his hands close to his face. His expression could be explained like when someone talks about money. Rubbing his fingers against his thumb. Maybe to be explained like Gollum from LOTR when he says "my precious." William only said Deddle Deddle Deddle. I went to continue doing what I had been doing and taking him back to his bed. I reached the corner of my bed where he was just to collapse with the giggles. The next half an hour would be one thing to giggle after another. Rick thinks he was saying little more time.

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