Saturday, July 30, 2011


William loves anything to do with Disney Pixar Cars. He doesn't have the attention span to watch the movies but he does like them. Why don't they make Disney cartoons like they used to? That might hold his attention. Instead we set this up on Rick's computer screen and at any given time William he will sit cross legged in front of the computer monitor and watch the trailer reel that goes continuously Lately we showed him one of Skylar's favorite websites when she was in preschool called Poisson Rouge or Red Fish. He's getting quite smart about it. Then there is the Itouch. One year for Christmas we bought James an Itouch because we thought it had the best of all worlds pertaining to James... Apps, Music, Videos, Games, Drawing... etc. Rick and I thought we were being sneaky and also got one for each other without us knowing. Mine died first because it probably had a sippy cup contamination. Then Rick's was replaced twice and died as well so he had James Itouch (James got an Iphone less than a year later.) Now Rick who pretty much can't function without his other brain aka Iphone has given me James hand me down Itouch which I love to use for music and Words for Friends but I rarely use it and find myself keeping William entertained with it. He likes to use the preschool applications for puzzles and shape sorting and has mastered so many of them I have had to pay for the app instead of using the lite version LOL!

PS I get my Iphone so we don't have to worry about loosing the Itouch in a month

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