Monday, July 25, 2011

Remember-able Moments

I haven't had much time to blog but a few weeks ago Rick was backing up and backed up my Honda into our wrought iron Mailbox and scratched her back end and dented her pretty good. I wasn't even sure I wanted to pay the premium to get her fixed (her body looks great before the accident but the inside is trashed). We ended up going to get the estimate I told the guy my trunk wasn't opening so he offered to fix that as well as my drivers side door that wouldn't open from the inside... We paid for the extra jobs but USAA paid for the dent repair and the rental. We were at Enterprise getting our rental and I found out my license was expired so we had to use Rick's license then we drove to the DMV to get my license removed... Its official I've had my license for four years officially and it expired the day before my birthday..... in April.... OOPS! Thank you Enterprise for alerting me before the Police had to remind me to renew HAHA!. So it looks like my first renewal was as remember-able as getting my license for all of you who know what a journey that was!!

By the way Rick and I have always said the next car we buy will be a Ford... big enough for our entire family. They picked us up from Joe Hudson Collision in I think it was a Ford Edge- it could have been a Flex? It had luxury amenities including a camera that you can see behind you when you backed up, a voice activated GPS and more. OMG nice! We ended up renting a Mazda 5 though and it was a pretty sweet ride and about 10 k less than a Ford Suv... Who knows what we will get when we are in the market for it in 2 years. I think Ford is the more responsible choice though.

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