Monday, July 11, 2011

Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters
This is my first random Monday which is odd to me because normally I am very random anyways but I could never MAKE myself be random. Haha!

1. Last night we had a bad Lightening Storm and the Power went out during the Jaycee Dugard interview. I read the article in People Magazine and I think she is such a brave woman and has done a wonderful job raising her daughters with a 5th grade education. Hopefully I can catch the rest of the interview online.

2. I gave William (23 months old) a small bowl of dry cereal in hopes he wouldn't try to hijack mine.
With both hands he tenderly carried his bowl and put it down just to run back to a cabinet at his height where he found a measuring spoon to eat with....all this was cute and endearing and how very proud I was of my smart boy until... he hijacked my cereal.

3. No really has written an instruction manual on parenting? I remember when Skylar was just a wee toddler and watching Caliou (you know the PBS cartoon) learn to tie his shoe. I panicked I was like how am I going to teach Skylar to tie her shoe. I don't know how to teach it I just do it! God knows I struggled at a young age to learn to tie my own shoes and my dad used to put with a Sharpie L and R to let me know which feet they went on. Watching Rick teach Skylar how to ride a bike... I am like how are we supposed to KNOW how to teach her to ride a bike LOL. I still get the occasional anxiety about how are we supposed to teach our children milestones of life. Skylar riding a bike, James driving and William... well William how not to scare us to death. We just refer to it as suicide watch now.

3. Rick let me by Sims 3 Generations. I always feel bad for spending that kind of money on a game but I was very curious. Since I started my Netflix addiction I haven't even touched Sims Medieval or Sims 3 Night Life which were both recent gifts. I do enjoy Sims 3 Generations but do we really need something else to put on our Facebook feed everytime our Sims makes a memory... it doesn't even have to be a memorable one.

4. Speaking of Netflix ... when we first signed up for Netflix we were hesitant because we tried Blockbuster Online and we kept loosing our damn disks and you know we can always go to the Blockbuster Kiosks or the Redbox. But I wanted more selection without having to drive to the on post library. So I indulged into Ghost Whisperer. I wasn't a huge fan of the show when it was on the air but watching a GW Marathon one day with Rick and he was telling me about how her husband dies and..... then he turns it off. I am like Ohmifreaking.... I have to watch the whole dang thing now! So that is the first thing I did on Netflix. I fed the Ghost Whisperer urge and fell in love. Then for years I have wanted to watch Tudors and Weeds. Tudors is thrilling Rick and James laughed at me because I would sit and watch and read Wiki at the same time. I think its crazy that in the 1500's real life was a soap opera haha! Weeds is a funny thing because I am totally 110% anti illegal drug (except medicinal purposes)... but it so funny and quirky... I love it! I have caught up to the current season and its a lot of fun. I also like The Secret Life of An American Teenager. Of course everyone and their brother has been vampire bitten and has wanted me to watch Vampire Diaries and True Blood which AREN'T on Netflix so alas I go to the Redstone MWR Library lol. I have watched the first two seasons of True Blood. I doubted I would be bitten twice since it took me so long to be a Twihard Mom. Its not vamps that I am into on Twilight its the story for lack of better reasoning. Never less Rick (yes even Rick) has gotten sucked into True Blood in all its weirdness, sex, and darkness. I will be looking for Season 3 soon....
(BTW I was reading the box that season 1&2 of True Blood and it says Showtime Entertainment and Dexter Entertainment but True Blood is an HBO show? Things that make you go Hmmm... Ooh I want to watch Dexter but Skylar is always lurking *sulk*)
eventually I will watch Firefly... All my geeks (I mean husband and children) have a hard on for Firefly and since I can't resist Nathan Fillion while Castle is on Hiatus... I will watch Firefly lol
yes I have a Netflix addiction its well worth the $7 or $8 a month I pay to watch endless movies, documentary's,  and TV shows, and I even let the kids and Rick enjoy too... rarely lol.

5. I have a theory... I was talking to a lady yesterday at Kohls with a very unhappy 6 week old daughter. I said my son is 2 and I can't remember that age. She said I have a two year old as well I can't remember it either! She thinks sleep deprivation to be the cause. I disagree. Do you think if we had a really good memory of child birth, sleep deprivation, a stressful pregnancy, all the side effects, breastfeeding and all the other responsibilities that went a long with it that we would actually procreate more? I think that is God's way of making sure we don't die off LOL. When I watch Teen Mom, 16 & Pregnant and the Secret Life of An American Teenager... I giggle, I laugh, I get flabbergasted at these teenagers who ALWAYS without FAIL say... I didn't think it would be this hard and all the little groupies in the MTV chat room that scrolls beside the show say its not hard... I am like what DRUGS are you on? Who lied to you and told you it was easy? Sure if someone else like mommy or daddy does most of the work ha! Pregnancy, Labor, and Parenting ISN'T easy at least it doesn't come easy to me...
Hence #3 waiting on the detailed instruction book and the several volumes of Parenting for Dummies to be in print...

(wow now that was random! LOL)

6. I think William is going to be on "So You Think You Can Dance?" or "WWE Raw". He is always dancing and when he has horse play he does these wrestling moves that seem to come natural LOL.

7. This summer the Play Place has saved my butt. Its an indoor playground with inflatables, a TV Projector for the kids, a lego table, and a couple of coloring tables. It quite possibly has saved my kids lives this summer as well. My kids get very bored very easily and don't like to be stuck in the house all day but with the temps reaching up toward 100 degree's the park isn't an option. Skylar's been taking art classes there as well. It saved us money in the long run because I didn't have to pay for camp twice this summer.

8. We've all heard the phrase any man can be a father but it takes a real man to be a daddy. Yeah we know that phrase but there are people who claim to be the World's Best Step Parent as well when their spouse doesn't pay child support and really only acts interested when its good for them. It irks me all to THERE! I don't understand the logic?
That is my vent hehe

9.  One sided conversations irk me as well. When people complain about a problem. So you give them advice or you know the answer to say a car problem, computer problem etc... then they argue with you even though they really don't know crap and then ask you what do you think? Well twit I already told you what I thought!

10. Aye I am really negative sometimes... I think I need to work on that :)
I don't think my first week with this meme went so well LOL

oh yeah and Casey Anthony is probably guilty!

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