Monday, July 4, 2011

Military Monday

My dirty little secret is I like MTV reality shows. I am sitting here watching 16 & Pregnant and reading the chat that goes with the show. I saw a young Navy wife that said... I don't have family help because of the Navy and its definitely been hard for my husband and I. That struck a cord with me really because I don't think a lot of people get it. I don't want or have to try to explain it to people either. I am not being judgmental but I don't get having kids and not be prepared to take care of them especially PLANNED pregnancies. I don't have a close relationship with my blood or adopted family that I wish I could. I don't have the relationship I want with my family at all. The military doesn't make it easy to have any kind of relationship with a lot of people. No matter how close I am to my family and back home friends they can't rush over to watch my sick baby so I can go to the store or go to the doctor. I am sitting here with a sick toddler debating or not on whether or not I am going to be able to go to the doctor on Friday like I REALLY need to go because I haven't been in awhile. It does irk me that a woman will complain I can't do that because I have three kids. I can't go to wal-mart because my husband is at work. I can't handle ALL THREE kids of mine at the same time ARE YOU CRAZY? I just look at them and think then WHY did you have a baby? Or when they complain they don't have money for diapers... DON'T have kids.. .last I checked no one hands out diapers for free except your mommy and daddy. I've never believed in dropping the kids off at the babysitter or grand parents so you can go have your time ALL the time.  I mean sure you got the nice paycheck, the nice husband, and Mommy and Daddy to help... but tomorrow ALL that can be gone then WHAT? Trust me it happened to me. No family, no husband, no ID, no car, no money... no help... 
Can you imagine being a war widow being states away or even countries away from family and you loose your husband? Do you think the military still takes care of you? Not always! When you have children you gotta think about the what if's because it can happen to you. I just wish these spoiled civilians would understand why us military spouses (even formerly active duty) don't take for granted our husband's day's off because once upon a time they didn't have a day off... They couldn't come home to wipe sniffles, feed the baby at midnight or change a diaper... Think about it next time your talking to one of us!

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