Sunday, July 10, 2011

Links in a Hurry

Well since you started here at my busiest blog... I post here most often.... There is another place that has the same posts but they may stretch further back into my history. I like Open Diary blogs because of the options I have but I have the same reason to dislike Open Diary because I haven't learned how to make it pretty like this one... Anyways Open Diary (bought and paid for)I need to update A LOT more often
Links Here

My 2 year old's blog Shock and Aww here

My creative blog... I do some digital graphic work, photo editing, hand made crafts and I haven't touched scrapbooking unless it was for a gift in two years but I SHOULD get my butt motivated again... StormyAries Creations

Oh and here is my money maker (I wish)... its my Graphics blog... Its my work blog
StormyAries Desgins

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