Monday, July 25, 2011


Amy Winehouse 14 September 1983-  23 July 2011 (aged 27)

I have seen the first hand tragedy of addiction. I have not had a serious addiction myself but I have seen others struggle with it and it  forever changed my own life and compromised my life and not being able to live the fullest life possible. After Heath Ledger died of an "accidental overdose" I mourned. What a huge loss to us as a star was being born. He was so talented and overlooked. The Michael Jackson and every claimed he had a problem and died from an overdose. Sure he had a type of a drug problem same as his famous father in law Elvis who I love. He wanted drugs to kill the demons certainly of his past. Elvis became addicted because of the Army. Either way addiction is addiction... Brittany Spears, Lindsay Lohen, Kurt Cobain and other famous rock stars.  I watched as a youth watched Kurt Cobain basically fall apart of course through the media. Of course he tried to get help and wasn't successful. I have seen addiction in my family, my friends, my relationships. Amy Winehouse was so destructive I wouldn't even buy her music to support her addiction. I was embarrassed for her and sick for her. She was often the brunt of jokes I admit but addiction isn't a laughing matter and the fact that her song about her addiction made her famous. I wasn't surprised that she passed away this week. I had asked Rick which one would go first Lindsay or Amy.  Its sad the world had to loose talent after to talent to something that can be fixed, cured, and prevented. I don't "get" drug addiction and I don't think I ever will. I have my demons and drugs don't make them disappear it just adds more skeletons in your closet.
Russell Brand whom I see (I don't know much about) as a dorky weird guy married to Katy Perry and an Actor or Comedian (maybe a stretch) in his own right that has done things for MTV time to time wrote a beautiful blog to Amy Here its well versed and he is more intelligent than I thought. After alll it shouldn't matter so much as who died or what were the circumstances of their demise but to the public eye that didn't know Amy and shouldn't judge Amy take this time to reach out to someone you know struggling with addiction and ask them to get help. Don't enable them. Pray for a recovery.

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