Friday, April 8, 2011

Fill in the Blank Friday

1. Something that makes me a great friend is, A person who is a good friend of mine. Will accept me for me. If I buy you things. Its not because I have more money than you (lack there of) its because I want to. Its not Charity or because I feel sorry for you. I enjoy buying things for other people.. Giving gifts its part of my charm haha. If I say something off color or that may have stung a little perhaps I didn't mean it like it sounded. I am bluntly honest and I speak my mind.  A Great friend really listens. I know people that I speak to everyday that say they are a good friend but they never listen because I find myself repeating what I said. We all can forget certain things its true I do but not an entire conversation. A Great friend listens even when its not about them maybe I am having a bad day I just need an open ear and a praying heart. If I hurt your feelings say hey... what you said really hurt my feelings. Be as BLUNTLY honest with me as I am with you. Don't talk behind my back. If your not confrontational then we may not get a long. Honesty, Loyalty, Love my family as you love your own. Respect, A true friend is someone who can sense something has gone a miss for you that day and know to bring you something to cheer you up... like me its simple A Dove Chocolate can cure almost anything!
A true friend is someone if the fate's be that you've disconnected with for months and you can get together again and it was like you never missed a beat. Friends calm you down when your pissed off. Best Friends start saying so-and-so is going to get it!  A true friend your always comfortable with, Ok I am stopping there because I just need to write a separate blog on this subject..

2. I am a sensitive person with a larger than life personality . Sometimes I am too much for some people

3. I am not deceptive except about Santa Claus, The Tooth Fairy, The Easter Bunny and anyone else I can use as black mail against my children .

4. If I had to describe myself in 3 words, Blunt, Loyal, Creative

5. Something I'm really cheap about is things for myself except my shoes.

6. Something I'm willing to splurge on is my shoes because they take care of my feet which carries the rest of me... My poor feet!

7. I would trade my too small too short too outdated wardrobe for a nicer better fitting wardrobe in a heart beat. I NEED new clothes but I am a horrible clothes shopper when I am alone...  Rick is ZERO help

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