Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Cats On Tuesday

Tinker Bell will be 4 years old April 17th

Mittens is 7 years old
Peanut is 1ish

My cats Mittens in particular is hard to photograph. Mittens has anxiety for whatever reason. She doesn't stop moving unless she is hiding. When she knows she is going to get petted or scratched she is all over me though. Purring up a storm. I can't get her to sit or lay down. She is scared of the orange "flash ready" light my camera gives off. Or is it a shutter light.. I don't know. As soon as I hit that shutter button she turns her head away from the light and the flash hasn't even gone off yet. So I guess I need to do some more work with her and know how to use my camera better so I can capture at least one good picture of her. The other two are laid back and don't care lol. Do you take pictures of your animals? What are some tips and tricks you know?

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