Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thursday QOTD

So I was thinking. I have a very short tolerance for people that are ignorant, Close Minded, or too lazy to learn and do things for themselves. Stupidity has nothing to do with either of those two terms. If you were raised into ignorance you can rise above and educate yourself. 

Definition of IGNORANCE

: the state or fact of being ignorant : lack of knowledge, education, or awareness


1.Someone that does not try to view something in the opposite way. close-minded is when you beleive in something or in someone and your mind will stay closed to that beleive and will not even try to acknoledge it.
2. close-minded on religion or race is when you don't even try to understand. When you think that Allah is stupid or Shiva. And god and Jesus are the only dictators of the universe.

So on to the question of the day. 
If you had to be like Dory from Finding Nemo ... you know short term memory loss, hyper, "nothing in my noggin" kind of brain or would you rather be ignorant and close minded?
How do you deal with these people anyways? You say hey there is a coupon for a free soda online. You just print it up and take it to the store... they say why don't you print it up for me and bring the soda here? Do you say go to hell? LOL What if it becomes a habit?

I am not very good at serving anyone with a silver platter. Matter of fact if you haven't shined my platter if I do give you something I am probably going to be pissy a bit about it. Dee Dee Dee
I don't get hand outs. If you want a cheap kitchen table then look on freecycle or a yard sale. Its not my job to do it for you. What makes you think I am more able bodied than you are? I don't usually even baby my children to that point. Sometimes yes we all need a hand and I am right there to provide you with a helping hand. But I REFUSE to be a constant babysitter for an able bodied adult that can do anything they want on their own. If I do it for you, if someone always does things for you. Then you will never learn to do it for yourself. If your broke... get a job... yes even with the price of daycare I did it! If your momma pays your bills and your over 18 guess what you have no reason to bitch about your momma! On the other hand they have plenty of reason to bitch at YOU! You can say hey can you keep an eye out for me my step son needs a coat. I say okay I will but then I expect you to do the same for me. If it ain't happening then don't ask twice. I am the Google Queen but that doesn't mean I have a million hours a day to google for you what you can google for yourself.  Let me Google that for you?
Oh and most of all if I am doing you a favor there usually isn't a time limit on how long it will take me so don't ask me in five minutes if I am done... Your not my priority!
okay so my QOTD became a rant...

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