Thursday, March 10, 2011

Think Thin Thursdays

God Made me who I am supposed to be.. Yeah I go by that... BUT I am supposed to care for the temple that contains my spirit. I am over weight. Partly due to the fact that I don't eat the healthiest... I am not a crazy junk food eater either but there is always room for improvement, I didn't loose any weight after the birth of Skylar OR   William and I have hypothyroidism soo my metabolism is shot.
I need to loose some weight. I don't want to but I've been told to give up the soda. I will try to exercise.. we are looking into the YMCA but told its pretty full. I have my Wii Fit and my walking at least. I would love a trainer to show me what my body can do with the amount of damage it has in it. I can't just do Zumba without hurting myself worse and being down on my back for several days from over doing it. 
But I am trying to find motivation to better fit myself. So I can feel good in clothes and so I don't have to gain anymore weight.. even if I don't LOOSE weight I would at least like to not gain anymore. So hopefully I can be motivated enough to use Think Thin Thursday and update you on my progress on my weight loss journey.
I plan on snacking only on fruits and vegetables. If I do get a junk food snack it will be limited.
I plan on throwing a water in every time I drink a Soda.. Coke all gone? Grab a water.. My family are BAD enablers about my diet.
I need to take my Thyroid meds and get it monitored
I am looking into Coconut Oil.. Have you used it?
Doing my Wii Fit as much as possible. I don't know how much William will LET me do... It will be frustrating to see.
I will try to do more on Spark People but I find the nutrition tracker a challenge.

This week’s task: Make sure you blog about your goals for this week!  Do you have a favorite cookbook or magazine where you find new healthy recipes?  Where do you find your cooking inspiration?  My Goals are to buy healthy snacks, bottled water, take my medicine religiously which is hard for me, make an effort to use the Wii Fit and see how that goes, Spark people can be a benefit so I need to use it as much as I can. I have several cook books but I do minimal of the cooking (which could change due to the fact my husband isn't a healthy eater LOL) I like Spark People's Recipes, My grocery store has healthy recipes.. Publix Apron Meals.. and Rachel Ray. If my eye gets better I am kind of side lined because of it but after it gets better Healthy eating and exercise!
Did you achieve you goals last week? This is my first post.

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