Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tempt My Tummy Tuesday

I am going to go ahead and fess up. I am not a crunchy mama. I don't use all organic or anything like that. I even let my kids have snacks and eat McDonald's on occasion. We don't eat there very often because we prefer Chick Fil A and Whataburger. They use fresh ingredients. But Rick and I do need to loose weight. I have Thyroid problems and he has Thyroid and Cholesterol problems. So I have been looking on Sparkpeople for healthy recipes and other places. I am not a cook at heart. I can follow a recipe (most of the time). I don't like too many fried foods or fattening stuff. But Rick and James are picky eaters who will eat Hamburger Helper. I can't touch the stuff I see the grease and fat YUCK!
I am a veggie and fruit eater. I will eat almost every one you put around me. Last night we had Garlic Chicken. It has Carrots and the Carrots were so full of flavor now I am craving them! I hope there is left overs for lunch!
So if you have any fairly simple, easy and cheaper healthy meals to share I would love to try them...

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