Monday, March 7, 2011

Pray for Me Monday

For myself. Please pray for me.. that the word of God I learn every week in church evolves into something beautiful in my heart and soul. Pray for me that I can learn to be a better mother to my children and a better wife to my husband. For I get what I give in return. Please pray for me. I needed some dress slacks so I went shopping yesterday after church. I went to Lane Bryant because everything was 40% off. I tried on some slacks and jeans and I am so insecure about my weight... I am putting a goal out there to loose some before mid April. 1 month and I would like to loose ten pounds! Then I went to Avenue as Rick went to Movie and Game Stop with William. I had Skylar... Nothing much there that I was interested in. I see so many clothes and I would love to be fashionable but I just don't know what is good for me. I saw a sweater or maybe possibly it was robe? I didn't buy it because I didn't know. I went to Cato which I have seen some of their styles on there website and I was excited to finally have money to spend on myself and buy me some nice CUTE clothes. William & Skylar were napping in the car so I told Rick to just take a nap with them. Then William woke up so they went into Petco. I was so lonely in Cato by myself. No sales associates wanted to help me. They barely greeted me at any of the three stores. I was feeling so isolated, lonely, and lost. Insecure about my weight and new body type. Not sure what styles to wear and at that point just wanting a female friend to give me the thumbs up or thumbs down. I haven't had one of those in a long time. I don't find that in a friend very often. Its something I crave. I just hate walking into a store like Lane Bryant where the clothes barely fit me (they usually don't carry my size) and most of them are styled for bigger girls (I'm really sounding like I am denial) Then a lot of stores like Kohls and other places either have juniors which wouldn't fit properly and God knows I am not in my 20's anymore nor do I look like it. Or what I would consider clothes for more mature women (Rick once told me he thought his mother would wear something I tried on). I understand Rick HATES clothing shopping but I just wish he would understand sometimes he needs to put up with the bull of helping me out. I have no friends that I can do this with and HE IS supposed to be my BEST FRIEND... If I can't go shopping with my best friend who can I shop with? Sometimes I even show him on the computer what I like/dislike and I just want his opinion. Its just TOO difficult and frustrating to keep his attention because he gets overwhelmed dealing with William and he can't focus on both. Lead Me
Pray for my children. Alex has been quiet for some time now. He's having car problems with his second car since he got back to Ft Hood from his deployment. He also had computer problems? He has had his struggles and some illness. We used to call him the Moral compass now he just seems to be drifting from God and into the bottom of a bottle. I hope he opens up to God soon and finds his path again. Innocent 
Pray for James. James always needs guidance and prayer as he struggles everyday. He doesn't attend church and doesn't feel comfortable. I pray he is God Fearing and faithful.  Its the Only One You Got
Pray for Mackenzie. He always needs to be in Gods protection. Best of Intentions & Always
Pray for Skylar. She's turning into a tween and its hard for her old ma. She's had an upset stomach for more than week and struggles going to school everyday. Never Grow Up
Pray for William. He's got a lot on his plate. Toddler hood is so dangerous and so busy. He is growing up so fast. He is constantly exploring, climbing, and learning how things work. Without Rick and My watchful eye and the over protective gaze of his older brother my little Tonka Truck could find trouble. He now has an upset stomach and a slight fever. Hopefully he didn't catch Skylar's bug she got from her teacher. Please pray for William that one day he will like the church nursery and his separation anxiety will get better so Rick and I can have that connection back of the sermon together. I pray that he knows he can slow down at any time and just enjoy being the smallest! God Speed
Please Pray for Rick as he still struggles of being out of the Army. It was his life for a quarter of a century. Its not hard to just pack that up in a box and leave it behind. So many things the military let him experience but so many coping mechanisms that he didn't learn. In his quest to serve and give the best of him. Honor, Duty, Country... please pray that he finds God, Family Country can be rewarding an awesome. Pray that he learns how to balance a good work ethic and family life, Pray for him that is understanding about what I go through, Pray that in all marriages we become Godly and follow the word so our marriages can be rewarded. Bound to You

If your a follower on Facebook you know I've been praying for Dylan. Please pray for the doctors treated Dylan that God guides them with wisdom and direction to find out what is making little man so sick. Pray for his mom who is dealing with this as well as her other children. Pray for his dad who is overseas that all this stress doesn't effect his duty and get himself hurt. Pray for his safety.

Then another prayer request is for Ty Campbell who is my little cancer Warrior! I have been following his story a little while now and he is just the sweetest little boy. His mommy's blog is here 
other prayers are for my friends Jennifer and Chris back home in Calhoun who are due with a new baby that has had some hurdles. 
Please Pray for another friend who is pregnant and pray for her to take care of herself before all. There is a little one and two big ones depending on it! 
To all the men and women in the Military. God knows my prayers. He knows my struggles. He knows yours too. Please pray for unspoken prayers as well
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