Monday, March 14, 2011

No Mom Talk Monday ~ Shopping

No Mom Talk Monday

I lost contact with one of my best friends for almost a year... .damn technology and sickness. Well anyways when I talked to her again I found out she was six months pregnant and she had been unable to work. I said I will help you I got tons of boy clothes (she didn't know the sex of her baby) and I will start looking for unisex and girl stuff. I hit my favorite thrift store called Asbury (Everything that is clothing is a $1)... steals! Then Consignment sale season started and that is my biggest shopping spree twice a year. I have gathered up over three jumbo diaper boxes for her full of clothes. Two are unisex and one is all girl.. YEAH that's right she had a baby girl last Friday. Anyways we aren't talking about MY kids or HER kids either! But mommy and baby are doing well! We are going to talk about my favorite hobby... SHOPPING At the four consignment sales I went to I spent roughly 3.33 an item... on average. I did get an RC Wall-E Robot for $8, Leapster Two with Two games for $40... almost everything my kids need for Spring and Summer.. There is still a few things... Oops we aren't talking about KIDS here. No way! Anybody that has lived here for just a little while knows the Consignment Sales are DA STUFF! I didn't even go to the biggest one! I really enjoyed buying the tiny baby clothes that were all prissy since I probably will never get them for myself! It was so much fun! I could do it all the time.. Oh wait I have another friend due in the Fall... plenty of time to round up some wardrobe!


Courtney K. said...

I love consignment shopping. I've never been really good at it and don't end up with a lot when I leave, but it's always exciting to find new things stored away and hidden! Thanks for linking up to :No Mom Talk: today!

trooppetrie said...

I love when I find a good sale especially when I can help someone else