Monday, March 7, 2011

No Mom Talk Monday ~ Manners

No Mom Talk Monday

Why is it when I talk about manners people say oh that must be a Southern Thing. When your rude to me I don't go around saying oh that must be a Yankee Thing! For those who don't know I was pretty much raised the core of my youth by someone who was born and raised in New York and New Jersey but very much had been a southern lady by the grace of God.  Why do manners have to be a southern thing? I don't get it. Maybe if I said Yes Ma'am in New York City to an elderly lady she wouldn't think our future had gone to hell in a hand basket. So why don't you try it! Maybe the world can start being a little southern... there is NOTHING wrong with it. I make it a point to note the name of the bagger, cashier, waiter, or someone who is providing a service for me. Mind my manners and say Thank You, Please, and Have a good day or weekend. Whatever. Don't you think they feel down beaten enough just doing that fairly if not all the way sucky job? Maybe they are going through a hard ship and need prayer.. So slow down your day a bit. Notice the girl sitting next to you and maybe help someone across the street. Its gonna be alright!

Now while we are on the subject of manners. Do you go around asking people to buy you stuff like they are loaded and have all this money to blow because you asked them to? It makes you look petty and jealous. You may envy my husband's 9-5 job (which is hardly 9-5), his paycheck, or my car, or my house. But at the same time I can envy (I am not the jealous type)...the fact that your close to your mother and family. I am not close to my extended family. I got great (most of the time) kids and a husband that helps because we are ALL we got... each other. You do what you have to do to survive.

Okay so a little refresher... on manners
1) Don't ask people to buy you stuff all the time.. They should be buying it because they want to. I don't know about you but when I feel like I talked someone into doing something for me I can't enjoy it as much as doing it for myself.  Begging isn't cute...
2) Don't ask people how much money they spend unless your just curious. Occasionally its all good and I don't mind bragging about my great deals but its really none of your business and its up to me whether or not I want to tell you. Bragging isn't cute always either.
3) Don't ask people how much they weigh... ugh... Anorexia anyone?
4) Don't ask people how much they make... I may have more money than you but I still got debt, I still got bills, I still have things to pay for and NO ONE else... pays my bills for me. I don't get any kind of government assistance or an allowance from mommy & daddy. I don't get Christmas gifts from family usually... So be thankful for what you do have because all of Americans DON'T GOT IT! They are still living in a fema trailer down in the 9th ward or they are that poor guy outside of Burger King yesterday with his face weathered, his clothes and skin dirty, talking to himself and making hand gestures... damn I should have bought him some food or something. He didn't ASK me for anything either!
5) Don't ask me why my kids do certain behaviors that you don't think are normal or that your PERFECT little brats don't do.. These are children raised by me and not you therefore they are going to act differently because I am different than you. I was raised with a different belief system, I have been through my trials  and only I have walked in my shoes. I still find it incredibly rude for someone to ask if my kids are spoiled. Yeah and so what? Don't compare my children to yours then complain when someone compares theirs to yours. People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.

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Stephanie said...

I love this post!
It reminds me of one of the trips my husband and I took right after our second daughter was born.
We had a little getaway, just the two of us and we decided to drive up to Altantic City, NJ..
While we were there I (always have and always will) said Yes Ma'am and Sir to anyone that asked me anything.
At one time, we were doing a timeshare presentation and the man in charge was speaking to us and I said "Yes Sir" and he YELLED at me!
He said "SIR????, Who are you calling a SIR?" and he was very rude and said that "they" didnt talk like that up here.

I had to explain to him it was how I was raised and I said to to pretty much anyone regardless of age...
He just didnt get it!! and he was an older man too... :(

It makes me sad that there are some people who never learn those manners..

Also, my husband is a "Northerner", but has lived in the South for many years. He is the kindest and one of the most well mannered Men, that I've ever met!!! So its all in the Raising..It doesnt matter where you're from!!! :)