Monday, March 14, 2011

Military Monday

So everyone is wondering about the pay getting shut down if the Government gets shut down
I also saw this posted on facebook feeds this morning
1. All Federal Agencies Will Not Shut Down:

Current laws provide exceptions for some federal agencies and parts of federal agencies and their employees. Any agency or personnel tasked with safeguarding public health and safety will not be shut down. A few examples of these types of agencies include:

• The Center For Disease Control (CDC)

• Most (but not all) of The Transportation Security Agency (TSA)

• The Department of Veterans Affairs healthcare providers, hospitals or facilities

Also any federal agency whose primary function is to protect life and property. A few examples of these agencies’ include:

• The department of the Army

• The United States Navy and Marine Corps

• The United States Air force

• The Dept. of Homeland Security (excluding contractors)



Additionally, if an agency that has a continuing source of funding may not be affected. An example of this is the VA’s VHA (Veterans Health Administration). However VBA (Veterans Benefits Administration) and the Social Security Administration, will be impacted since they do have a continuing source of funding. I will discuss the possible impacts of this in greater detail in a second.


• The Social Security Administration

• The Veterans Benefit Administration

These two are especially worrisome to me. I am not saying that everyone who receives disability payments from these two agencies will not get their checks, however it is a possibility depending on the length of a shutdown. However, it is more likely that you will see a delay in receiving your monthly checks.

• All National Parks will be closed

• New VA and Medicare Claims will not be processed

• Non-Exempt DoD personnel, such as administrative positions and research labs would be furloughed (Note- ALL combat would continue and all troops will be paid)

• The National Institutes of Health would not be able to accept new patients or answer hotline calls regarding diseases

• Domestic agencies like the National Archives, DoE, HUD, EPA, and Census Bureau would be largely shut down

2. Many, But Not All Federal Employees Will Not be Placed on Unpaid Leave or “Furlough”

Again any considered “essential personnel”(aka- excepted and non-excepted employees) at an agencies tasked with the above will not be placed on furlough. A furlough places an employee in a temporary non-duty and non-pay status. In the current situation, if Congress fails to pass another CR (Continuing Resolution, what we have been operating under since March 3rd) or God forbid, an actual budget, some federal agencies will be required to shut down and furlough all or some of their employees.

3. What is Considered Essential Personnel?

Every federal agency is required by law to have an emergency plan in place in case of a federal government shutdown. According to guidance from the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), an agency's senior leadership determines who is “excepted” or exempt from the furlough and required to work during a shutdown.

Federal employees working on essential activities related to our national security, homeland security, law enforcement, health care, financial management and the Postal Service will most likely be required to continue working. Remember this is only federal employees and agency, not state funded agencies or employees.

4. If You’re a Federal Employee Working for an Agency That is Not Exempt You Can Expect:

If you're furloughed as a result of a government shutdown, you will not be paid as long as the government is closed. Even some excepted employees may be working for "delayed pay" if their paycheck comes from an appropriation. However FOR ALL FEDERAL EMPLOYEES, health care and life insurance benefits, on the other hand, continue for up to a year so you will continue to be covered. In addition, if you are furloughed your contributions--and those of your agency--to the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) will stop during a shutdown, and you will not be able to arrange for a loan from your TSP account during a furlough.

If you need to find another job to have a source of income, you will remain as a federal employee (unpaid but still an employee) during a furlough, so you can take another job so long as the job is not subject to any conflict of interest prohibitions.

But here’s the kicker: You may need approval from your agency's Office of General Counsel to ensure that there is no conflict of interest. You can review your agency regulations to determine if they specify what types of employment would not pose a conflict. Make sense???? Might want to get your supervisors home phone number in case you need to ask. (By the way, that was dripping in sarcasm)

5. If You’re a Federal Contractor You Can Expect:

When a shutdown is announced, the Office of Management and Budget will notify the agencies, and each agency must then decide which functions are essential and which functions must be shut down. Contracting Officers should then notify contractors, who are responsible for notifying subcontractors, whether the contract will be funded during the shutdown or whether the contractor should stop or reduce work. A Contracting Officer may issue a stop work order or, more likely, issue broad guidance for contractors to follow. Contracting Officers will not have any authority to enter into new contracts, renew expiring contracts, or exercise options during a shutdown. Existing contracts may be affected if they require the government to obligate new funds during the shutdown.

Again here is the kicker: Without a stop work order, contractors may still be subject to contractual obligations; however, a contractor may not perform work for the government on a voluntary basis. As a result of these issues, it is essential that contractors remain in frequent communication with Contracting Officers, subcontractors, or prime contractors and counsel in order to understand their rights, duties, and obligations.

So basically just stay in close touch with your Contracting Officer!

So that's the beef on that and personally if they are going to stop paying those who are protecting their paychecks then they better have a plan b or get that money back from all the car companies and bank companies they bailed out. Some of us have bills we HAVE to pay.

When the previews started for the new season of Army Wives I thought sadly Jeremy would be killed in action. Now after last nights episode I strongly feel its Chase. Which makes me very sad. I love the actor that plays Chase and the character most of the time.. oooh boy Trevor is on my shit list but I have heard his BS before in my own deployment! UGH. How does Claudia Joy feel about getting reassigned for West Point? I am glad little Molly is okay and the future daughter in law could make up with Denise. I haven't seen Frank barely.. oh wait just those two scenes or something. Joan is still Joan UGH!

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Candace @ArmyWives'Lives said...

It just stinks all around, doesn't it? My husband's full-time job is for the county and they decided they needed to "skip" a paycheck last year. I'm a freelancer so I constantly have to chase down clients to pay.

Not like we can just skip payments on bills, though, right?

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