Monday, March 7, 2011

Military Monday (Army Wives Spoiler inside)

So did you watch the season premiere of Army Wives last night on Lifetime? If you missed it I am sure you can catch it on

Its funny I started thinking about Sister Wives like from this show after watching two women on Coming Home a new TV show on Lifetime after Army Wives.  
How some of us Military Wives certainly become Sister Wives in one sense. I know I spent more time with my battle buddy(s) the first year of our marriage than I did with him. There were many months where Jessica R and I could have put our BAH together because I practically lived there if it weren't for James. I helped her with her daughter and she drove me to places when I couldn't get there on my own. Betty C. and I got extremely close she would help me with my kids and I was there for her emotionally during what was both our first deployment. Yes Military wives cook together, baby sit for each other, clean each other's house, PCS together... We in all but the sexual part of the life style become Sister Wives. At one point my battle buddy's and I decided that instead of cooking just four ourselves we would do a pot luck once a week. Isn't this kind of how Sister Wives work?

I think the characters of Army Wives is a perfect example. When a Soldier isn't home we step in and help.. I would be there for any of my close Military Wife friends even if their Soldier/Marine/Airman was home.. all they had to do was ask.

Do not scroll past the picture of the Cast of Army Wives

What did we all think of Army Wives? Wow! Man I am reluctant to blog about it because of this invention called DVR.. now people "tape" or record things more now to watch later. My first pfft... is the fact that it comes on opposite Desperate Housewives. I have watched Desperate Housewives since the beginning too. So I guess I am going to have to watch Army Wives, record DH, and Coming home and watch DH after Army Wives and find time another night to watch Coming home! Oh boy! I love Brothers and Sisters but Rick doesn't so I can always watch that when he isn't here during the day. That's how I watch most of my VH1/MTV reality shows and House. Anyways. In the previews someone is going to die and I pray its not who I think it is. My guess is Jeremy. Don't worry no one dies during the Season Premiere they are probably waiting till sweeps.. 
Well I warned you and I just can't contain myself and not write a post on Military Monday about Army Wives  that was YESTERDAY..
Roxy and Trevor... I am glad she didn't get seduced by her old friend. Rick thought it was going to happen. I knew Roxy better. Why? Roxy is me in so many ways lmao. They didn't mention her pregnancy again.. well it didn't come up. I can certainly feel the emotions she is having right now after all Meredith from Greys Anatomy would call her a hormone casserole PLUS normal deployment blah's. 
on a side note... I loved when I used to go to the doctor while my husband was deployed (the doctor at the Army Medical Clinic) and they would be like are you depressed? Same question every visit... and I would be like DUH! LOL
back to Roxy... did they change TJ's actor?
Joan and Roland are going through the same path they took season 2? Joan is in it to win it! I mean she is a career oriented woman but like my own life she needs to learn to balance... She has to be there for Roland as much as she is there for the Army in ONE way or another. 
Claudia Joy and General Holden.. I wonder why she is reluctant to move to West Point? She certainly got the  new Army wife attitude of "I should know better than to make plans in the Army"... I wouldn't see that coming from a seasoned wife? Do you think medically she is going to be alright with no one around to keep a close eye on her? I am surprised they didn't bring up the last time she took a daughter to college. You know maybe a PTSD moment? Do you think she is going to get Empty Nest syndrome? 
Frank and Denise Oh my! Denise is older and its so much harder to take care of a newborn when your older and have that sleep deprivation. Why do you think Frank is so lax on Jeremy getting married so fast? Jeremy's fiancée didn't make a good impression on Denise did she? It wasn't her fault or either of their fault.. bless them!  Btw Newborns usually don't have tears so that wouldn't have been a symptom that Denise missed. What's wrong with Molly anyways? Next week might suck a little! What do you think about Jeremy and his Fiancée?
Whoa WHOA! Whoa Pam! No Atlanta? No Chase? You have the hots for HIM? Wow! Didn't see it coming at least not from your side!

Coming Home. I would attend a home coming for any Soldier but since neither of MY Soldiers got one I just have the wtc attitude about homecomings. I think Rick's 24 years, several deployments... and never got any kind of ceremony. OF COURSE he doesn't want one but that doesn't mean he doesn't deserve it. No one in the unit even organized anything for his retirement. Yeah golly gee thanks for your 24 years of dedication etc... 
So I have an admittedly sucky attitude about Home Coming Ceremonies. The show was overall pretty good (I fell asleep toward the end) and I think its great Lifetime is bringing so much NEEDED and POSITIVE attention to the Military Life. 

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