Friday, March 18, 2011

QOTD Friday

I have really started to enjoy most evenings on the couch with my husband cuddling with my kids (sometimes) watching our evening TV. On Monday its a reality show (like the Bachelor), and then Castle, We watch American Idol, Greys Anatomy, Army Wives, Desperate Housewives and Bones. So we've been watching round two of Brad Womack.. Rick thinks he is a pretty much southern gentleman and Emily is his southern belle. You know how my husband feels about his belles lol
So I will have to watch the clip of the final rose again because everyone said they think they won't last. I didn't get that much iciness from her body language from what I remember... of course I am plenty blind by 8 o'clock...  So I don't know I will have to watch it again. What do you think of Brad's choice? How can she not expect a temper? REALLY? Mrs soft spoken can't always have that soft spoken fellow... just look at Rick and I lmao.. Do you think they will make it to the Alter? What about Molly and Jason will last? Ali and Roberto?  or do you think Trista and Ryan are the only two true soul mates & not fame whores?

If you don't watch the Bachelor. What kind of shows do you like? What's on your boob toob? What do you watch as a family?

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