Thursday, March 24, 2011

Getting Behind

William makes it difficult to do any sort of typing on the computer since he has an angry email or two he wants to write before I get to type anything, plus climbing on my desk, opening up my CD ROM thing... exiting out of what I am doing or going back to so he can see a picture of himself. So I have gotten behind on my blogging because the only time I have gotten to blog is while he is napping or sometimes at night if we aren't having family time which we really TRY to do. Evenings are just hectic in general around here.. Anyways. I am behind on my blogging, on my consignment, on my scrapbooking, on pretty much everything...
So I guess what I am going to try to do is squeeze in some blogging and save it as a draft for whatever day I want it to go out so I am not a blogging fool when he DOES take a two hour nap at the RIGHT time (like now is a great time) 8 am not so much 12 o'clock not the best time either... So I will do the meme's especially when I am inspired and have them preset to go out on the proper days. I hopefully wont suck so bad I won't forget to visit those who I've linked to. As for random blogs about daily life I will try to squeeze those in there when I can. *sigh*... oh AND I have missed two weeks of church and the sermons aren't posted online yet. EEK help me!

Oh and Rick bought me Sims Medieval for an early Birthday Present so I am going to be hooked on that for a little while.

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TrailerHood Chic said...

I don't know if this will work, but Hunter has a little toy game laptop. Maybe finding one of those or an old one that doesn't work will pacify him.