Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Day 23 → Something you wish you had done in your life.

Day 23 → Something you wish you had done in your life.

I think my grandfather owned a farm his entire adult life. He believed real men were farmers and in the Military. I think he is right. My mom owns a farm and has for a long time too. When I was 18 I moved in with her and my grandfather gave me three black calves to take care of. I fed them bottles of milk round the clock. Incase you haven't seen a cow bottle you should LOL. (See blog)

Before I graduated I went between being an Radiologist or a Psychologist even thought about seminary for awhile. But I have a hard time working with people sometimes. I want to help them but they just give me lip.LOL After living with my mother one of my calves (I had two females and one male) the male Midnight got sick and had a cyst on his face. My mom and the vet held down the calf while I cut and drained the cyst. That was amazing! There was nervous horse in the stall who had gotten tangled in barbed wire and the other horse who was in heat making the nervous horse in a lot of pain. But I did it. I nursed Midnight back to health. He would come to my window at all hours looking for food. I loved taking care of them. i watched Mighty Joe Young (the newer one) and I decided I really wanted to be a zoologist or a large animal Veterinarian.

There are no zoos in H'ville just a free roam family owned safari so no zoo school for me and my dream didn't die my priority changed. I was called to be a military wife. I completely think that is true. I was called to be step parents to these lost boys and give my daughter more stability and eventually provide for my other two children. My sons. I will also think of Veterinary Medicine fondly and perhaps I will be a Vet tech one day and learn some of the trade. Maybe one day Huntsville will have a zoo (I doubt it) but I am and always have been willing to do the work on a farm or in a clinic or zoo,

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