Monday, March 7, 2011

Day 20 of 30 DOT→ Your views on drugs and alcohol.

Day 20 → Your views on drugs and alcohol.

Ok here is the truth as I know it. I am Drug Free. I have to take prescriptions for depression (Lexapro), and Vitamins, Mucinex for my lungs, I have an Inhaler, and I have Thyroid Medicine... OTHER than that I do not partake in drug use for recreational purposes. I do not believe in drugs and I don't like it around me. The only drug I do for recreational purposes comes in the form of my drink and that is caffeine. I rarely ever drink alcohol Occasional (like every few months) glass of moscato wine or a few sips of a Long Island Ice Tea. I can't even drink a Long Island Ice Tea anymore without being sick. I don't the taste and I used to LOVE them and I used to drink Zima or Smirnoff. I love GOOD Tequila but everything I have tried is disgusting.. so I just don't drink alcohol.

I was born with many birth defects that more than one doctor has told me was caused by enviromental causes... Well see environmental causes is everything BUT the gene pool. They suspect it was caused by drugs and or alcohol use. They have suspected for awhile I have Fetal Alcohol Syndrome too. Three perfectly birthed children from my womb kind of prove the theory that its not genetic. Furthermore time and time again I have seen drugs cause people to loose their jobs, families, and lives and crumble into a hot mess... and steal whatever else.. THIS INCLUDES Marijuana use. However in true need of Marijuana for illness I think it should be legalized. I have had drugs effect my life in negative ways too much to be supportive of drug use in my life. Like my last relationship ended because he was popping xanax and drinking on top of it.. Okay so the xanax was prescribed but the prescription didn't say 6 pills at once and please drink alcohol with me... Or when he was secretly smoking pot and got arrested in front of my child... not acceptable ever...Can you think of any reason ever to get arrested buying, doing or having the possession of drugs with your children present? I can't!

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Harri said...

I couldn't agree with you more on this. I could write an entire novel on this subject. I will admit though I tried extacy(SP?) and got sick. I felt no difference whatsoever. Luckily when I did try it, I was around people I trusted completely and they took care of me. That's as far as my drug use goes. My life has been affected by it so much in horrible ways that I can't be around it at all, and will NEVER have my child even remotely near it.