Monday, March 7, 2011

Day 19 of 30 dot → What do you think of religion? Or what do you think of politics?

Day 19 → What do you think of religion? Or what do you think of politics?

We have been attending Willowbrook Baptist Church for almost three years now. We are guests. We are not Baptist but we are Christian. Sometimes I say I am Christian with Jewish Residue.. LOL Because Jewish people don't have it ALL WRONG. I am still finding, following and growing with my faith. Pastor Mark is like my leader teaching me about God. If you live in the area Pastor Mark has commercials for Willowbrook on TV and the radio. He is very entertaining and I love the way he teaches the bible. He gets you very involved and mixes history with the "reading" lesson. He is very pro active, hyper, and lots of humor its not a heavy down pour of church church money money.. Its more about community, love and togetherness. I grew up in a very small church called Trinity United Church which is now Trinity Community Church. Having 100 people attend on a Sunday is a good day. Mark would wonder if he didn't see the snow drifts or if something else big happened that he missed if there were only 100 people at Willowbrook. Between Willowbrook Main Campus and the almost 1 year old Willowbrook At Madison (which I attend) there are thousands. I always thought since I attended three small churches prior that I would be lost in the massive church. Willowbrook at Madison probably has 200-400 guests on some Sundays. But I don't feel lost at all. I feel like I can go to Mark, or Pastor Stone, or Elizabeth, Jennifer, or our site Pastor Kevin at Willowbrook at Madison and ask them anything. I am sure they would give me their shirt off their back. They might not know my first name. Elizabeth and I have joked about my facebook saying Bella so that's probably what she knows me by. But they would. When I go to church at Willowbrook at Madison I watch Pastor Mark on a big HD projected screen and again I am okay with that it doesn't bother me or take away from it at all (sorta like watching Nascar on TV if you were there in person you wouldn't have AS good a view LOL) I love bringing people to the church not just doing what the bible says to do but just because I would love for everyone to experience the wonderful things I experience. A few people have started attending because I brag on Willowbrook so much. I love that. When Willowbrook at Madison was being built the stage didn't have carpeting. Pastor Kevin asked us to go up to the stage and write down names of people I pray for or who I think are lost and would love to find a home. I wrote down Betty and Mike. Betty was attending Catholic Mass in AL and KY but I still prayed for her and Mike because they are on an amazing journey with the Army Life and parenting. Right before Mike deployed him and Betty attended Willowbrook and decided to have their baby dedicated to the church. I think they can tell you for themselves it was like being with family and it made me feel so good that day. Betty and Mike fell in love with Willowbrook the same way I had. Even if Betty was really into catholicism. How can you not love Willowbrook or Pastor Mark? Ok maybe to each their own LOL. I just think about the day I wrote their names (and a few others) on that stage... to be covered in carpet and never seen again and the impact just writing a name has and praying. Anyways I don't think that is what the DOT is about. What are my views on Religion. I am Christian but I would love to study and know more about other religions. I have friends that are Wiccan and I don't see why you can't believe in both. I have been to synagogue, and since knowing Betty I have learned about the Catholic and Lutheran faiths. Faith is personal it doesn't need a heading unless it helps you to identify with others. Which I don't need. If anyone wants to ask me I can have an hourS long conversation with them LOL. I don't need a shepherd but Mark is my shepherd now. I believe how I follow the Bible is between God and I and Rick and I often leave church and talk about the sermon for hours or days... lately William has been diverting our attention to playing chase at Wilson Lumber through the doors and windows that are on display. We like to share Willowbrook's message but the individual message to us is personal. I was saved when I was 12 at Trinity and I went through Confirmation and I know what it means. I don't think at this time I want to be Baptized again to join Willowbrook but I LOVE going.

My views on Politics? I don't know if I told you would you understand. I am not supporting Obama and never have. I have many times tried to give him the benefit of the doubt and I just feel he isn't for the American Good. I am patriotic and I think to send thousands to put their life at risk you basically should have also done it yourself. You can't be a CEO for a company you have never worked in. At least not a good one! Don't order my loved ones to March and scrub floors unless your willing to do the same. I don't see Obama as this person. I am not Democratic but I do lean on the Republican side even though I am not an actual republican. I don't vote per party I vote per who is good for the job. For example I like Joseph Lieberman but he used to be a democrat. I like Bob Barr Rep of Georgia... and he is in a small party now after leaving the major party. I believe our fore fathers didn't want to be overlords. I think we have gotten out of hand. Let the smaller states govern themselves and the Federal Government oversea us as a whole. I think that is what it was intended for. Once all the states agree on certain laws then they become Federal laws. I do believe *grin* that any state can succeed if they want to. If they find that something has gone terribly wrong. What are you going to say about it big boy if we can defend and financially support ourselves? I think we came as individuals and we COULD if necessary leave as individuals. A good bit of us as American's do not trust politicians to do their job and they SHOW us they can't for example the people leaving the state so they don't have to vote on the budget. Oh no that is so WRONG! Its not your DECISION your a representation of my vote... That's what your elected for that's what your PAID for....If you can't deal with that surrender your pay check to our Soldiers and get the hell out of office. Rick was concerned at one time that he thought I could be a strong conservative Republican like I was raised but now he jokes that I could run a militia lol

I didn't really stay on topic did I? Oh well lol

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