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Day 18 → Your views on gay marriage.

Day 18 → Your views on gay marriage.

This post isn't meant to Offend anyone or Defend anyone. As I said before my Facebook My Rules! My Days of truth.. So here is the truth whether or not you like it! You can feel free to skip any of them.

As our constitution stands right now there is a separation of church and state. I am not saying I agree or disagree with that just saying my beliefs on Gay Rights are partly based on my beliefs, my family, my values, and of course the foundation and constitution for this country.

My oldest sister is Gay. I have known about it for a long time. I have known more females than males that she has dated or had a relationship with. Yes she has dated and was even married in the past to a male. She was also married to a female.. perhaps not in the eyes of God.. that isn't my judgement or for me to say.

Let me get down to the nitty gritty.

I personally think Marriage is between two people and God the state and government should have NOTHING to do with it. It is vows to your mate and GOD. They definitely shouldn't be making people pay unless the money goes to a church or mission.. oh wait that's not allowed! So the Government collects money because people love each other and want to show that in that way they choose AND they have to vow before God or to whom they worship.. So again why is the government involved?

I was watching an episode of ER years ago when the Gay Resident and her lover had a child. The lover and biological mother of the child died. The Resident (I do believe she is the one with the brace?) had helped raised their child. I say THEIR child because it doesn't matter who biologically is the child's parent right? RIGHT? Anyways when the mother died the parents and family of the mother took away those children from the only other parent they had ever known. I look at this logically the kid just lost their mother and now they are going to pull the child out of the stability of a home and the only other parent they have known because they were not legally married so therefore they have no legal right to the child? So the child can be raised by perfect strangers just because they are related by blood. I don't think that would sit well with me if it were me as the mother.

I spoke to my sister about this and she said she didn't really believe in Gay Marriage legally herself. HOWEVER she did believe that gay people did deserve the same rights... such as custody of children etc. I agree.

I agree even more since things have happened with my sister in the past few years. Her ex husband currently has joint custody of her children. He has no biological right to two of the children (as far as I know).. He didn't help raise the children for the most part. As far as I know they call him Robert... Not dad... Their Nana or Ishe is the person that financially supported them, raised them and was there since birth... not Robert. So if my sister is not able to raise her own children. Which right now she isn't... Then it should be the woman they call Ishe.. That woman and my sister are NO longer in a relationship but she has the right to raise these children she invested in so deeply. Okay so I call the ex husband a crazy asshole who hasn't done a thing for my sister, those boys, or myself. Just lies and manipulation and he is literally crazy in my opinion. Saying things like. If I can't have her no one will to me when she ran away from him... Okay STALKER!

I do believe he uses the boys as a pawn to just have ties to my sister. Right now Ishe is involved in their lives at his will.

So I say I don't believe in Gay Marriage because the bible tells me so heh lol. But I do believe in equal rights. Maybe like England? They have Civil Unions? Why can't there be a happy medium? If not for the people who choose to be gay but to protect the innocent and maybe just provide health care so we as a whole pay taxes for Medicaid and Medicare because they can't be covered under their significant other's insurance... just a thought.

Truly to be separated in church and state there can't be an argument. "They" say the bible says its against what it says and that's the reason its illegal in some states.. Okay so isn't that mixing church and state?

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