Tuesday, March 22, 2011


My weekend was hectic but fun! Some of the weekend was stressful and fast paced and others we tried to cram in as much as we could. Rick took a 4 day weekend to help me. I had a long two weeks of Skylar being home from school. She was injured at the bus stop and took a fall so it took her almost two weeks to get well enough to go back to school (plus there was Spring Break). We went to the last big Consignment Sale of the spring. Saturday we bought a swing set... shhh they don't know yet its an early Easter Present. I also got a new radio in my car since mine was shot. They couldn't take the factory radio out though so it doesn't look the best ugh. Its tough learning the new radio so we went driving to see how we could play with it. That's when we went into K-Mart which we only really shop at once or twice a year. Sunday was a road trip. We went to Gardendale for a friend's daughters Baptism. It was a cute little thing. Katie is so beautiful and happy. Rick even made a comment on how beautiful she is. Then as we always do when we go to the area we ate at Whataburger. Amy isn't a big  fan but we just HAVE to eat there. Its our favorite fast food restaurant and we don't have one here. I am glad she was a good sport and came along. Margaret (her 8 year old) and Skylar got along great. They seemed surprised she liked to talk (Margaret not Skylar)... anyone who knows Skylar knows that she talks so much you have to tell her when to be quiet LOL. Rick and I talked about going to Hoover, AL to the Lego Store but as we started puttering down I-20 we saw signs for the new Grand River Outlet Mall. We went there instead and it was fabulous! Monday I just couldn't get anything done so I didn't do my blog meme's ... bummer. I will try and plan better this week.

On Facebook I have started the 30 day Photo Challenge Military Style and the 30 day Song Challenge. I will share my song challenge then my Photo Challenge!

It's hard when you always have to be the strong one, no-one ever notices when your not ok... until you break

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