Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Cats On Tuesday

For some reason today my cats are being extra difficult to photograph.

Tinker Bell was playing Barbies in Skylar's room which is a disaster area. Tinker Bell is almost 4 years old (April 17th)

Then we have Mittens who is 6 she joined our family last year after Lightening died I was worried about Tinker Bell (I shouldn't have) She is the most skiddish and has the most anxiety of any cat I have ever seen. She's very much like a bunny who just runs away and hides LOL.

Peanut is the newest member of our family he is almost 2 years old and always getting into trouble. But he is loved and adores William. I think Rick just doesn't want to get close to another cat.

Lightening whom I already mentioned was Rick's cat for over a decade that passed away last year. She was really a momma's girl and stayed with me. I keep telling Rick that there will never be another Lightening so to love Peanut, Mittens, and Tink for who they are not for who they are not *another Lightening*

Anyways I will just show you some pictures I already have of the cats
Lightening baby
Tinker Bell was so tiny when we got her. She is Skylar's little lamb and Skylar is her Mary.

Here is the first blog I wrote about Tinker Bell

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