Wednesday, March 23, 2011

30 Day Song Challenge ~ day 02 - your least favorite song

What is my least favorite song?
Juvenile- Back that Thang Up

Maybe I don't get it... but do we need to prove to the American People we are more ignorant? This song came out when I was in High School I think and it has always just given me that feeling like Oh M GEE! I don't define success as having more gold teeth than natural white teeth. I like some R&B and Rap but I wouldn't say I am well educated in it. I just don't like anything about this particular artist. I think he is trying to be Gangsta Cool... I can live without it. 

As far as the other's I listed. I guess I don't get it, don't like it, find it annoying. I may cause a ruckus... I am sure there is some really heavy metal bands I don't like too but I just don't know the titles to their songs. I like Heavy Metal but some shit is just ridiculous. 

Here are some on this play list that I feel the need to mention

  • There are many artists on my list I normally like but for some reason that particular song gets on my nerves. Lil Wayne, Offspring, Nelly, Michael Jackson... etc There are many songs I didn't add because well the song might be very meaningful to someone else and that's why it gets on my nerves now HA!
  • Nelly Hot In here. Okay in 2002 I couldn't go anywhere to escape this song but it eventually grew on me so its not like I dislike it a lot now.
  • Willow Smith... I don't like this song and I don't "get" her talent and would she be famous without Daddy and Mommy? I don't mean to put a little girl on my list and just be cruel... but the truth is there. I don't like Whip My Hair... hopefully something more quality comes out LOL
  • Weird Al... there might be TWO songs from him I like that's it. The rest are all BS. 
  • 80's classics. I love the 80's but some of these I can live without. Enough Said?
  • My Black Eyed Peas selections. She grinds my ear drums when she performs with them when she tries to be all rapper.. No honey you sing better than you rap... please stop
  • Bruce Springsteen... I just don't like his voice lol I know I am horrible
  • Eddie Murphy... Don't sing... William Shatner or any other actor from Star Trek Don't SING! There are many actors and actresses that are and aren't on my list that need to stick to their day job... Why do you try? Why? Please. J-Lo got talent, Mandy Moore has talent... don't sing anyone who just uses their name... set up some karaoke and let yourself be heard. OR go to church and sing in a choir lmao
  • I had to put They Might Be Giants on here because of my husband. LOL He loves them and makes me endure that crap. He's luky I didn't put Neil Diamond.
  •  Afroman Because I Got High... okay does this song support Marijuana use or is it more like a PSA... if you want to do any of these things... don't get high LOL

What's your least favorite song?

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