Sunday, February 20, 2011

Stuck Like Glue... Willowbrook Baptist Church Sermon Series

I love our preacher. My loyal readers that have been reading for awhile know that I found a church almost 3 years ago because of a sermon series called Mustang Marriage. Well Mark our preacher started a new one like Mustang Marriage. When I have the link available to listen online I will share so all of you may enjoy first hand. I like to write down the notes from today's sermon in my blog so I can reference back to them AND share the word with all of ya'll.

"Velcro Marriage"
Song of Songs 1:2-2:6

We stick together when we stick to God.A faithful couple will have many more blessings if they both have a relationship with God. Your relationship will be much better if you find someone with Godly Character. We stick together when we stick to God's Standards. Mark says to love through insecurities. If you are single, do not stick with someone who: 1. Asks you to sacrifice your relationship to God. I have been in that situation with both of my last two MAJOR relationships. 2. Asks you to compromise God's standards... again those types don't stick around long anyways. 
We stick together when we stick to encouraging words. It takes 20 positive things to start to heal the one bad thing you said to your loved one. If your willing to do the work for the one negative comment then more power to ya! Conversation pointers: Men, keep it positive. If you don't like what your seeing in your spouse look at what your saying to your spouse. Now my thing about it is... Rick and I are very damaged souls from our past. We both carry a lot of baggage. We tolerate each other's baggage and most of the time we are paitent but sometimes when I give Rick constructive criticism or try to speak to him he gets defensive and feels attacked. I have been in those shoes too! Especially if its a sensitive issue. Mark didn't tell us about that! I will have to bring it up!Ladies, feel his muscles. He says men are just large 10 year old boys (All women feel free to nod only my blog or facebook wall is looking LOL). Mothers of young boys often stroke little one's ego's. Your so fast and strong son... you can do anything! Oh look at you son your running so fast. With the response of our son is hey mommy feel how strong my muscles are! That need never stops for little boys. As they become teenagers though moms loose their focus and we start the nagging... Look what you HAVEN'T Done you lazy child... clean your room, do your chores, get your feet off the table, turn down your music, raise that C to an A... etc... Our boy is now a sensitive hormonal driven teenager who goes to school where some hormonal girl says oh look how strong you are! I saw you play your drums/or did that solo/ or that touch down... .. there again our little boy says hey rub my muscles... She says Oh! how big and strong you are!!... The mother is forgotten and is now the other woman... It never leaves our little boy and in a marriage if  the wife stops rubbing the muscles and starts nagging like his mother did when he was a teenager... the boy now a man... might be tempted to find someone to rub his muscles and appreciate him and tell him how strong he is! 
Men look into her eyes and say "Tell me more." Mark says now I am telling your husband's this ladies but they REALLY don't want to know more... they want you to get to the point lmao.. 
We stick together when we stick Valentines Day in every week. Do you date your spouse? Does your spouse feel special? Actually I have read somewhere that one date a week is recommended to keep a marriage young. Rick and I have neglected this and I know better. Our excuse is we don't have a sitter but that is no excuse. We can date and disconnect from technology when the children are asleep.  When Mark says when he asks you to put Valentines Day in every week that doesn't mean lavish gifts its more the thoughtfulness and romance. The passion has to stay there. Rick and I will be working on finding a dependable sitter and spending more time without children even if its sneaking out at 10 pm.

Our site pastor was listening to the radio and he heard one of the on air preachers say
"Treat your wife so good when you die young no one else will want her because you set the bar so high"

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