Monday, February 28, 2011

Random Spatterings About Attachment Parenting

I don't know about you but I have read up on Attachment Parenting since right after I had my first born. I am not considered a crunchy mama but I LIKE crunchy mama's and fully respect them for their discipline and skills.
I read this article today on Celebrity Mayim Bialik. Its amazing that a working mother still feels so strongly about following Attachment Parenting practices. No one said you have to follow all the guidelines to be an AP mommy but some are such a beautiful wonderful thing. I look forward to reading more about her parenting and her blog on

I have a friend Brittany who writes her own blog (I wont' credit her unless she says its okay) but she is a good Crunchy Mama that has all the right stuff. She is studying now to become a Doula so other people might be able to achieve their dreams of this ONE aspect of Attachment parenting. Reading her blogs about Natural Child Birthing at home made me think about my own experiences. I don't feel secure enough to have a baby at home because of my history but I believe if you have a clean bill of health embrace God's given gift of your natural ability to birth your child without strings.. Who wants to be a puppet?
I did have my first two children in a state where home births are against the law or frowned upon but Midwives are allowed. Here in Alabama both are illegal. Midwives or Medwives for that matter. Now I don't have the facts but I am willing to be more OB's have c-sections here than natural unmedical assisted deliveries. How many mothers are offered pitocin or some other inducing technique? It just sounds horrible to me to intervene unless medically necessary. My first born was induced (even for just a few minutes), and I had IV Drugs as well as an Epidural but I did have him vaginally. So I am not against it but the support should be there. The knowledge should be there. I know of someone who has had three children with no epidural but she wasnt  encouraged to not induce and try more natural techniques. Am I the only one that see's a disconnect there? So I give props to people like Mayim Bialik and Ricki Lake.

I opened a people magazine and there was a small tid bit about a picture of a celebrity mom breastfeeding in a previous issue. Miranda Kerr was pictured breast feeding her infant son Flynn in the Feb 28, 2011 issue of People. Someone emailed the editors stating," This picture is disrespectful to all those who believe in a woman's right to breast-feed but don't want to see it!" another said "This crosses tehe line and makes mother/child bonding provocative." -- In response to those two say WHAT? A third person wrote "way to go, Miranda Kerr, for showing that breast-feeding is not only beautiful, but natural." 
Here is another article with the picture here .
Again I have formula fed my children but I wouldn't do it again unless I had to. Why did I formula feed? Because I didn't have the support around me that I needed to be successful at it. I didn't educate myself ENOUGH on the how to's and actually when I decided to wean William I am surprised I weaned him so fast (both I was unemotional about it for the most part and he took to his bottle and cup) I am so tired of Formula Feeding being the norm but not because of the lack of medical necessity. They choose to Formula Feed because its their choice.. okay....
That's just not how I roll LOL.. I would have given anything to be able to breast-feed Skylar & Mackenzie longer. 
Its often a source of topic in some of the groups I am in. Should everyone have to TRY to breast-feed? Why is it even a topic? Why should I person have to walk when we have really cool ways of getting around? Do you honestly want your butt kicked by someone who doesn't have the ability? Ugh.

Another topic I saw once was Co-Sleeping. The poster says it ruins marriages because you can't possibly have the same amount of intimacy. I think people especially parents need to get their head out of their bum... life isn't about adults anymore... the world now revolves around a mini helpless person. Babies are a gift. 
I co-slept with all three of my children till the time was right for them to go to their own beds.. each at a different time in their first two years of life. It hasn't even been a source of discussion between Rick and I lol. 

I don't get why AP is such a taboo. Its common sense parenting. 

Oh and for the record William my youngest who is almost 19 months old he is in love with breasts. He blows kisses at the bra's in the store and he looks down my shirt at times to make sure his Momma Honey is still there but he never wants to nurse lol. I don't think its perverted or sick I think its cute. Its been a source of love and nourishment for him why shouldn't he remember them so fondly. 

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