Friday, February 11, 2011

Random Shameless (Not Self) Promotion

I have been networking with some new ladies. They are great!

I watched E! Investigates Military Wives. I was very saddened and disgusted how they betrayed Military Wives and I almost didn't finish it. I am glad I did because the last segment is about a foundation out of Seattle. Operation Open Arms is out there to help Homeless Veterans. Its founder is Dedie Davis. I emailed her an email about her great foundation and she is actually talking to some people about expanding and wanted my help getting it here at Redstone! I am not BIG enough to handle all that but I would certainly help!

My new buddy Stephanie offered to make Skylar a zebra tutu for her birthday pictures. Okay so we never got her birthday pictures done but we will get pictures in the tutu soon! I have the perfect location to get them done just waiting for the weather to be a little warmer. Stephanie has the neatest creations. I have a small diaper tote I can really use for anything and Skylar has hot pink leg warmers to match that awesome tutu and a DSi Tote!
So excited about some of the new projects she has on the table!

I have also networked with Sarah Bigelow.
We have some awesome photo shoots planned coming up I am so thrilled about.
She will be taking pictures of my kids and family.
Anyways she is an extremely sweet and talented Photographer

I was watching the local news and they talked about Consignment sales and they featured a local blogger called the She has a portion of her blog that is "Mom Recommended" So I suggested Sarah and my own Military Support Group. She was more than willing to post the Redstone Military Wives on her own page. That was so nice of her. She has some great articles on Consignments and living in Huntsville! Be sure to follow these ladies! I expect big things from them! I hope I can get a similar blog going about being a Redstone Wifey/Mom! I hope to take this blog to that new level of being an Army Wife, Army Mom, SAHM and Living this life as I am!

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