Monday, February 28, 2011

Pray for Me Monday

If your a friend of mine on Facebook you've seen me for the most part of last week sending out prayer requests for my friends son Dylan. Daddy is a Soldier currently deployed and Dylan is my sick dill pickle who doctors don't know why or what is wrong with him. Blessings for Brandee. Then another prayer request is for Ty Campbell who is my little cancer Warrior! I have been following his story a little while now and he is just the sweetest little boy. His mommy's blog is here 
other prayers are for my friends Jennifer and Chris back home in Calhoun who are due with a new baby that has had some hurdles. To all the men and women in the Military. God knows my prayers. He knows my struggles and I pray that I can take the most out of this sermon series we are hearing at church. Here is the first post of the series here. The second week is coming soon. The associate pastor did the sermon and he is harder for me to keep up with for some reason so I am going to review my notes and the online podcast here then I will post my blog. 

Go to Home Grown Families for more Prayers

Home Grown Families

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