Monday, February 14, 2011

Old Navy

I have a love hate relationship with Old Navy. I haven't been dissatisfied with the quality of their clothes. Their jeans fit me well... Well let me be specific... They are tight as a glove in the morning when I slide into them but they are comfy by the afternoon! I love THAT feeling! They fit perfectly on my waist and I don't have to worry about the panty line showing. Kwim? That's always a problem for this long waisted girl that doesn't feel comfortable in Mom Jeans. Two c-sections later I don't need anything THAT tight hugging my mid section. 
Other than Jeans and Sweaters... I don't really shop there for myself but they have some cute kids clothes! Great prices on them... so I can't complain. My love/hate is my local store... I feel like its too hot, too crowded, and I get light headed in there. Thank Goodess its at an outdoor mall. I love Bridge Street. So 99% of my Old Navy shopping is online. Another "hate" about Old Navy is their return policy... IT SUCKS folks!

I really do love their coupons though and their prices on some kids clothes. I stock up on Jeans when the jeans that fit me go on sale. So when I found out Feisty Frugal and Fabulous is having a give away to win a $100 gift card... Well heck I figured... That's good enough to get my kids some things and my friend is expecting a baby this year.. So yay!
Why don't you follow the link and enter to win yourself! Hurry up quick it ends tonight! Probably only my loyal followers will catch this post in time!


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