Monday, February 28, 2011

The Mommy Matters

In a few weeks I am thinking about going to Calhoun this month to visit a friend who is due next month. Or do I just want to mail her the baby stuff I am giving her and wait till next month when I can actually see the little baby bean? On top of that there is so many mini vacations I would like to do this Summer and I am not sure how to make up my mind. I guess I need to price things and see what Rick thinks and how things pan out. Its hard to get away from home since James depends on Rick for a ride to work and well him getting his own license has been delayed due to his own actions. grr... Anyways so I am thinking of going to the Atlanta Zoo, Aquarium, and the World of Coke one weekend. I think going to the zoo would be fun! Maybe go camping at the Lake near Calhoun... Then we talked about last fall when we were visiting coming back to Daulphin Island since we weren't' there for recreation but we would like to see Gulf Shores and Daulphin Island. So how do you come about the decision to take a mini (or large scale) vacation?
Any suggestions?


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Courtney Kirkland said...

We love Gulf Shores! We great up about 4 hours from there, so it was always a quick vacation spot during the summer. So, so beautiful! If you guys get a chance to go back for recreation and pleasure, I highly recommend it! Thanks so much for visiting today and linking up to No Mom Talk!! Look forward to getting to know you more! :)