Thursday, February 24, 2011

Mommy Gadgets

So I saw a commercial for a Gyro Bowl and I was considering getting it for Little Will. Although William doesn't have the tendency to spill as much as he does have the tendency to splash his food everywhere. So the Gyro Bowl wouldn't stop that.. but I watched this review here... She mentioned the Munchkin Snack Catcher and I looked for it at Target and it was 2 for $3 so I grabbed them and so far its working pretty good. Now none of them are 100% spill proof they are about as spill proof as your average sippy cup haha! Will likes to use them and he thinks they are fun. Great for in the car.. just don't let your child get bored with it because boredom breeds mischief!

Also its cold season around here. Skylar got it from her oldest brother.. she had it for four days. Then William had it for four days. Then Rick had it for the weekend... I had it for two months. With a two week break (for me) we all got it back again. While looking for a soft cotton product to wipe William's nose with I found these Boogie Wipes. I am like ahh well regular baby wipes just smear the mucus around his nose. They arent much help but with the Boogie Wipes aren't as thick or moist as the regular baby wipes I use (Pampers, Huggies or AAFES brand) I guess there is some type of product in Boogie Wipes that helps dissolve the mucus. Anyways they work pretty good if William didn't mind getting his nose wiped!

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